Scotiabank’s Supplier Code of Conduct 

Purpose and Scope

This Supplier Code of Conduct (“Supplier Code”) outlines The Bank of Nova Scotia’s (“Scotiabank")” expectations of third-party suppliers, service providers, intermediaries, and independent contractors, including their employees and representatives (each, a “Supplier”) that conduct business with, provide goods and services to, and/or act on behalf of, Scotiabank and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and authorized representatives world-wide (the "Services").

Suppliers are required to have in place written policies, governance,  or oversight mechanisms to ensure they, and those within their supply chains, operate lawfully and in accordance with Scotiabank’s core values of respect, integrity, passion, and accountability, as well as with the principles set out below.


  1. Promoting Ethical, Moral and Legal Behaviour
    Operating ethically, morally and in compliance with laws, including ensuring that there are no real or perceived conflicts of interest in the performance of Services for Scotiabank.

  2. Prohibition of Discrimination, Harassment and Violence
    Prohibiting discrimination, harassment, and violence in the workplace and promoting diversity, equity inclusion and accessibility during the employee lifecycle or in connection with the performance of Services for Scotiabank.

  3. Instituting Fair Labour Practices
    Having zero tolerance for the use of child or forced labour, slavery, or human trafficking, including but not limited to compliance with laws related to wages and conditions of employment.

  4. Human Rights
    Maintaining policies and practices that respect human rights in accordance with applicable laws and in the spirit of global principles on human rights, including respecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples and communities consistent with the laws in jurisdictions of operation.

  5. Occupational Health and Safety
    Implementing measures to provide a safe environment for all employees and other third parties, with a view to preventing accidents, injuries, health risks or death.

  6. Employment Standards
    Complying with applicable employment/labour laws, including providing all employees with terms of employment that set out their rights and obligations in a manner and means that they understand.

  7. Financial Crimes
    Prohibiting conduct that violates anti-bribery, anti-corruption, deceptive or unethical trade practices, anti-money laundering and/or sanction laws.

  8. Supplier Diversity
    Committing to inclusive procurement practices to advance equitable opportunity for diverse businesses

  9. Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change
    Committing to environmentally responsible business practices; and complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations in the countries where they and their affiliates operate or where their third party suppliers operate including net zero commitment, the responsible use of natural resources, the sustainable use and management of water, and supporting biodiversity.


Ongoing Monitoring and Compliance 

Scotiabank reserves the right to carry out due diligence assessments to verify compliance with this Supplier Code, including requesting copies of all policies addressing the aforementioned principles This may include monitoring through self-assessments, questionnaires, and other due diligence tools. Suppliers are expected to continuously self-monitor their compliance and adopt management systems to adhere to this Supplier Code.

Revision date: November 1, 2023.

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