Customer Complaints Appeals Office (CCAO)

What is the CCAO?

The CCAO undertakes an impartial review of complaints from retail and small business customers in Canada that could not be resolved in the first two steps of Scotiabank’s Complaint Resolution Process.

How Can the CCAO Help?

If your issue has not been resolved by the first two steps in Scotiabank’s Complaint Resolution Process, you may submit your complaint in writing to Scotiabank’s CCAO. 

Please explain exactly what happened, including the dates of events, the names of any employees involved and copies of all relevant documents. It would also be helpful if you tell us what you would like us to do for you.

Once we receive your written complaint, we will do an initial assessment to confirm that the matter falls within the mandate of our office. If it is within our mandate, we will send you an acknowledgement that outlines the process we follow and how we will interact during the investigative process and beyond.

As noted above, there are some matters that are outside our mandate. These include: credit granting policies and decisions; matters of policy such as interest rates, service charges and account closures; and issues that are in litigation or have been decided by the courts. For such complaints, after confirming that proper procedures have been followed by the Bank, we will write to you explaining that the issue you raised is outside our mandate.

CCAO's Annual Report
Terms of Reference