Credit Process

We're committed to a simpler credit process by:

  • Making it Easier 
    Scotiabank is continually looking for ways to make getting credit easier for you and to present our mutual agreements in plain language. We'll also give you information on how to apply, what the requirements are, and tell you approximately how long you can expect to wait for a decision.
  • Putting it in Writing
    When your credit application is approved, we'll spell out the terms and conditions of our financing in writing. You'll know exactly how our relationship works and who is responsible for what.
  • Discussing Alternatives
    If we can't approve your credit application, we'll tell you why. More importantly, we'll work with you to find ways to make you proposal work. Failing this, we'll direct you, where appropriate, to other sources of financing that may suit you better.
  • Evaluating Changes in Circumstances Together 
    At times, a change in your circumstances may affect our credit relationship with you. Please be assured that we're always open to discussing alternatives – and you will be provided with at least 15 days notice of any changes to the terms or conditions of your business credit arrangement.

If you have any concerns or questions that require review of your account(s), request a copy of our Resolving Your Complaint brochure, which is available in every branch.