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Scotiabank Senior Economist Farah Omran is back this episode to give us her take on the state of the Canadian housing market. She'll break down the latest numbers, explain the high stakes and “suspense” she’s seeing, tell us what might play out in the next six months and much more. 

Key moments this episode:

1:10 – Farah catches us up on the market since her last podcast appearance in the fall
2:41 – What Farah means when she says “stakes are high” 
3:42 – The mystery behind why we’re seeing a relatively slow spring real estate season
5:38 – Are there any markets that are especially hot in Canada?
6:45 – Are people waiting for rate cuts before entering the market?
8:12 – How the housing market impacts the interest rate outlook and vice-versa 
10:02 – An update on housing shortages and what governments (including the recent federal budget) are doing
15:18 – Digging into the psychology around the housing market 
17:03 – Farah breaks out her non-existent crystal ball: what might the next six months look like?