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Talking about money with loved ones can be difficult. So in order to make those tricky conversations a little easier, a new project has broken down how we relate to money into six different Money Styles. Think love languages, but for finances. Tanya Eisener, the Senior Vice President of Retail Customer Value at Scotiabank, and Adam Palanica, the Senior Manager of Global HR Insights and People Analytics at Scotiabank, are our guests this episode. They tell us how this tool works, why it’s needed and how you can use it to get a better handle on the emotions around money.

To take the quiz and find your Money Style, check out the Money Style by Scotia Advice+ page.

Key moments this episode:

1:47 — So what is a Money Style?
2:14 — How did behavioural science inform the creation of Money Style?
2:53 — Why is money so difficult to talk about?
4:29 — Getting to the root of the feelings around money
5:13 — How does the Money Style quiz help make money conversations easier?
6:23 — Why taking the stress out of financial conversations is especially important now
7:17 — Some fascinating numbers around money and relationships
7:46 — Breaking down the six Money Styles
10:11 — How to interpret the quiz results
11:24 — What to do once you’ve figured out your Money Style
12:07 — How long does the quiz take?
12:37 — One final behavioural science tip to help your relationship with money
12:46 — Tanya’s takeaways around what she’s learned about our sometimes thorny relationship with money


Transcription en Français