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This episode is a handy primer for anyone looking to get started in investing, or even those looking to refresh their knowledge. Our guest Craig Maddock, Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager with Scotia Global Asset Management, breaks it all down in plain language. Everything from GICs, to stocks and bonds, to ETFs and mutual funds. It even addresses some common misconceptions and provides some questions to ask yourself before you visit an advisor.

Key moments this episode:

1:30 – What is the difference between investing and saving?
2:49 – Why are people intimidated by investing when they first start out?  
5:17 – The most common misconception people have about investing (and how to avoid it)
6:47 – What should someone ask themselves before they see an advisor? 
9:56 – How does time horizon factor into investing?
11:17 – What is a GIC?
13:44 – What are stocks and bonds?
20:56 – How is investing more than just ‘gambling’?
23:18 – What are mutual funds? How are they different from ETFs?
30:09 – How is investing like fixing your car?
32:16 – Some final advice for someone who is just getting started investing


Transcription en Français