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Generative AI, the kind of artificial intelligence that creates content for you or answers questions based on a prompt, is already changing many aspects of our lives. But according to our guest this episode, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, especially when it comes to businesses taking advantage of this new technology. Divya Goyal is an Analyst in Global Equity Research at Scotiabank and will give us a birds-eye view of how Canadian businesses are approaching and adopting this revolutionary technology. She’ll tell us what sectors are ripe for disruption, what role Canada could play when it comes to homegrown innovation, some unintended consequences of this new technology and much more.

Key moments this episode:

1:27 – A quick snapshot of the state of AI
3:25 – How have technologies like generative AI changed things for business?
5:38 – Why we are just at the ‘tip of the iceberg” with generative AI adoption in business
8:04 – How businesses have started to use these AI technologies already
10:11 – Which industries are most “ripe for disruption” when it comes to AI
12:29 – Is AI going to take away jobs?
12:49 – What about the increased demand for electricity and electrical grids driven by AI’s increased usage?
15: 33 – Where does Canada stand in terms of its adoption of these technologies in business?
17:05 – What is the state of AI technology development in Canada?
19:27 – How will AI reshape our world ten years from now?
21:38 – What's the next big thing when it comes to AI tech?