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An earlier version of this article and podcast episode said 57% of Canadians don't have a will, and that rises to 75% for younger Canadians. In fact, the poll showed that 43% of Canadians don't have a will, rising to 66% for younger people.

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In this episode, co-founder and CEO of Willful Erin Bury joins us to give us a Wills 101 lesson. She’ll cover everything from what exactly a will is to when you should get one, some key definitions and much more.

Key moments this episode:

1:16 — Before we start, we have to ask Erin: what was it like being on Dragon’s Den?
2:50 — What is a will?
3:56 — The most common misconception about wills 
5:46 — The personal experience that triggered Erin and her husband to start Willful
8:14 — Why the will is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ when it comes to estate planning
9:03 — When should people start thinking about getting a will?
10:43 — What is an estate?
11:57 — A little more about what inspired Willful
13:22 — What makes a will a legal will?
14:48 — What situations are out of the scope of Willful?
16:51 — What is a power of attorney?
19:06 — What is an executor? And what should you be thinking about when you choose one
22:01 — Why Willful is partnering up with Scotiabank
24:50 — The unexpected brand Erin has cultivated within her circle of friends