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With life expectancy on the rise, people’s retirement years could soon be longer than their working years. So, how will that affect how you save? Our guest this episode is the Chief Investment Officer of Global Wealth Management at Scotiabank, Andy Nasr. He’ll tell us what those years might look like, give us some tips for saving at any age, and explain why living longer may change the conventional thinking around how we invest for retirement.

Key moments this episode:

0:05 — What does a 10-year-old used car teach us about the secret to saving for retirement?
2:00 — Some numbers and context around how much longer people are living these days?
4:15 — What effect longevity might have on public policy
5:27 — An eye-opening stat about how long the next generation could live for
6:24 — When should people start thinking about saving for retirement?
9:19 — Saving money can be challenging. What advice does Andy give to his clients?
10:32 — What exactly does a financial plan consist of?
15:15 — Why some people might think they have a financial plan, but actually might not
16:46 — A financial plan isn’t just about the money
17:05 — Does this issue of longevity change the traditional 60/40 approach to retirement saving?
20:00 — The issue that Andy worries about all the time when it comes to retirement
21:46 — What is Andy’s secret to saving for retirement?


Transcription en français :