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We go behind the scenes of a modern family farm to see how cutting-edge technology is helping farmers run a more sustainable operation. This episode, Terry Aberhart gives us a tour of Aberhart Farms and tells us about the advanced tools he uses, the hurdles he sees in implementing these practices on a wider scale and the public perceptions of sustainability in agriculture vs. the reality.

Key moments this episode:

1:59 — Terry tells us more about Aberhart Farms and their mission
3:25 — “Sustainability” has become a bit of a buzzword, how does Terry define it?
5:12 — How have Terry’s processes evolved in order to be more sustainable?
8:40 — What is “precision farming”?
10:54 — How much technology is used on a modern farm and why it’s unexpected to some 
12:12 — How well adopted in precision farming in Canada?
13:50 — What do non farmers usually get wrong when it comes to perceptions of sustainability?  
17:45 — How is a movement towards sustainability received in the industry?
19:29 — What hurdles the sector faces when trying to implement sustainable practices
21:54 — Does running a farming operation more sustainably make it more difficult?   
23:54 — Who will be taking over the Aberhart family farms in the future?