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Gillian Riley joins us in the studio for a candid interview as she marks her fifth anniversary as the head of Tangerine — a pioneer in digital banking in Canada. She’ll tell us about the evolution of digital banking and her experiences as a woman in the corporate world and how that inspired her to found the Scotiabank Women Initiative five years ago. Also, she gives some leadership lessons she's picked up along the way.

For more on the Scotiabank Women Initiative, read this article featuring Gillian Riley and an entrepreneur the initiative has helped.

Key moments this episode:

1:41 — Gillian’s highlights from her five years as the CEO of Tangerine
4:07 — Looking back at some of the benefits of, and lessons from, being a digital bank during COVID lockdowns
5:20 — Breaking down the evolution of digital banking in the last five years
6:47 — Transitioning to working for a digital bank
8:14 — What does it mean for Tangerine when many banks are moving towards the digital space?
9:42 — How Tangerine maintains its brand awareness and identity
11:21 — What is the next step in digital banking?
13:05 — Reflecting on her role in creating the Scotiabank Women Initiative
15:43 — Personal experiences as a woman in the corporate world that inspired the creation of SWI
18:27 — Gillian’s advice to people who aspire to be a leader like her
20:40 — Final question: how’s your jump shot?