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You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT. It’s a chatbot that uses a form of artificial intelligence called generative AI. And it can do everything from suggest wine pairings to write a cover letter.

But how exactly should we be using this new technology in the workplace? Our guest this episode is Yannick Lallement, Vice President, Corporate Functions Analytics and Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at Scotiabank. He’ll shed some light on how people are already using generative AI in the workplace, what the risks and blind spots are and where he sees this technology heading in the future.

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Key moments this episode:

1:41 — Stephen attempts to use ChatGPT... and finds one of the app’s shortcomings
2:09 — What is generative AI? How is it different from other forms of AI?
3:22 — A quick ChatGPT primer – what exactly is it?
5:52 — What is ChatGPT most useful for?
8:25 — The benefits of using ChatGPT in the workplace – some examples of where it is currently helping people do their jobs
11:16 — Why ChatGPT is a tool, not a replacement for someone’s job
12:10 — Two main concerns with using ChatGPT in the workplace
13:30 — What is a ‘hallucination’ when it comes to generative AI?
14:11 — Ethical issues in how ChatGPT is trained
16:16 — How Yannick sees the future of how we use generative AI in the workplace