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What is an investor to do when the future is so unclear?

When will interest rates and inflation settle? What about talk of a recession? Or a potential soft landing? Maybe a soft-ish landing?

Andy Nasr, the Chief Investment Officer at Scotia Wealth Management is back this episode to shed some light on how investors might best navigate these unusual times, give some insight on what’s creating them in the first place and maybe keep us all grounded in the meantime.

Key moments this episode:

1:22 — What U2 album title Andy thinks reflects the current state of the market and why it’s concerning
2:37 — Policy-makers say the end may be in sight for the rate hiking cycle — why would that be a concern for investors?
3:32 — Andy gives some context about how we got to the interest rate situation we’re in now
5:53 — The Bank of Canada held rates steady recently, was that the right approach?
8:34 — How does wage inflation and labour play into all this?
11:08 — The big question: what should investors do?
14:10 — How should investors approach risk right now and what investors should be asking themselves?
16:07 — What role does fixed income take?
17:40 — What about geography distribution in your portfolio?
20:47 — The state of real estate and why Canadian households are much more sensitive to rate fluctuations than in the U.S.
23:14 — Andy's final thoughts for investors 

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