In light of recent events, Scotiabank President and CEO Brian Porter put out the following message:

By virtue of our international footprint, Scotiabank is inherently diverse. I view our diversity as a real strength and a remarkable part of what defines and differentiates us as a Bank. I also believe that our Bank is only as successful as the societies in which we operate – when there are individuals and communities that feel left out, we cannot be strong.

Recent events have shown us that our work to build a more inclusive society is never done. It requires constant vigilance and a recognition of the pain felt by members of Black communities in North America, and throughout the world. Now more than ever, we must make every effort to really listen to, and empathize with, one another.

June 1 marks the beginning of Pride – a time when people around the world come together to celebrate uniqueness and inclusion. This year, Pride comes at a time when people and communities feel more divided than ever. I would challenge each and every one of us at Scotiabank to use Pride as an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to the values that have made our Bank strong: diversity, inclusion, human dignity, and basic human rights.

Together, we are building a Bank that is strengthened by our differences, not divided by them; that calls out injustice of all forms when we see it; and that strives to use every opportunity to make better, stronger societies today, and for generations to come.