ScotiaRISE is Scotiabank’s ten-year, $500 million1 commitment and social impact strategy to strengthen economic resilience by removing the barriers that keep disadvantaged groups from fully realizing their potential. Through the Bank’s global network of community partners, ScotiaRISE has supported programs addressing changing workforce demands, increasing living costs, equitable access to healthcare and more. In 2023, ScotiaRISE refreshed its regional strategy in Latin America and the Caribbean by engaging with regional experts, partners and members of our team. 

Here’s a closer look at the initiative’s progress:

Infographic: 200+ community partners  have received support since 2021
Infographic: $102 million  in community  investment globally (2)
Infographic: 1.6 million critical moments in time (3) where an individual or  group received support,  training and/or resources  through a program enabled  by a ScotiaRISE investment
Infographic: In 2023, ScotiaRISE funding (to charitable partners) helped deliver support at a  critical moment in time3 in the form of: Access to credit 1,237; Mentoring/networking 34,084; Access to food/water 534,026; Financial literacy 11,265; Skilling/tutoring 43,005; Allyship 182,362; Job search 16,980
ScotiaRISE donations to charitable  partners since its launch in 2021: International $23.1M; Canada $71.1M
(Partner spotlight) Laboratoria - Helping women succeed in tech: ScotiaRISE developed a partnership with  Laboratoria to give women from seven  Latin American countries the opportunity  to build skills for high-quality jobs in  the tech sector.
(Partner spotlight) Second Harvest - Helping to feed the hungry in Canada: Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the number  of people experiencing hunger has  skyrocketed in Canada. ScotiaRISE’s  commitment of $500,000 over three years  will enable Second Harvest to support  approximately 30,000 individuals annually.
(Partner spotlight) Windmill Microlending - Helping women immigrants obtain meaningful work: In addition to systemic barriers facing all  newcomers, women immigrants also face  challenges accessing child and elder care  support. ScotiaRISE’s $2.5 million commitment  over three years will support over 3,000  newcomer women in Canada with accreditation,  education and professional development.