Pandenomics is a podcast series looking at the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and what the coming months may hold for Canadians. 

Over the next few weeks Scotiabank Perspectives editor and host Stephen Meurice will be talking to Scotiabank economists about the federal government’s response to the pandemic, the job market, real estate, small business, and much more. 

In our first episode, we take a closer look at the toll of the pandemic at home. Canada is seeing a new surge in COVID-19 cases, especially in Quebec and Ontario, that's leading to renewed restrictions on some kinds of economic activity. Canadians are doing their best to keep their families healthy while dealing with all kinds of financial challenges, with sectors such as hospitality hit hardest. While the latest GDP numbers from July showed some renewed strength, the months ahead will likely be more challenging.

Scotiabank's Chief Economist Jean-François Perrault breaks down the pandemic's impact on Canada and its economy, how the federal government has reacted and what the coming months have in store.