Ashley Veasey, Scotiabank’s Global Chief Information Officer & EVP, believes that a global approach to technology powers local innovation, and is a competitive advantage for Scotiabank as a leading bank in the Americas. 

“Global tech giants — some of which are household names — offer a uniform user experience regardless of where in the world their customers live. It’s like eating a McDonald’s Big Mac. It looks and tastes the same no matter which country you’re in. Our technology systems should look and feel the same while also addressing the unique needs of each country,” he said. “After all, even McDonald’s innovates to local tastes.”

Scotiabank is building winning teams. The Bank does that by giving employees access to the same tools across borders to seamlessly collaborate to put our customers first and to pivot to their evolving needs. “We’re now building on those efforts and continuing to expand technology across our global footprint,” said Ashley.

Leveraging the diverse talent pool across our global footprint is another benefit of seamless global patterns. “Our engineering mindset is key within the countries where we operate, but also between them as well. We do a lot more now in terms of engineering patterns across countries from Chile all the way to Canada,” said Ashley, who joined the Bank with a portfolio of international experience living and working in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

In recognition of the power of diverse global talent, Scotiabank built a technology hub in Colombia called ‘ScotiaTech’ to attract top university talent across Latin America.

Standardizing technology globally will underpin local innovation, and enable employees to focus on providing an exceptional customer experience. “If we can deploy the same commoditized technology for our colleagues inside the Bank, that in turn helps customers of the Bank. This cycle starts at home,” said Ashley. “We’re building Big Macs.”

Burger with fries

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