Tuuli McCully

Head of Asia-Pacific Economics
Tuuli McCully


Tuuli McCully is Scotiabank’s principal economist for the Asia-Pacific region, where the Bank has a presence in 8 economies. She is positioned in Singapore. Tuuli brings a global perspective to her macroeconomic forecasts and fundamental analysis of the region, drawing from her experience in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Speaking from the perspective of a Canadian bank with extensive Latin American operations, Tuuli also provides unique insight on the growing trade and investment flows between Asia and the Americas.

Tuuli is a regular contributor to international media outlets, including Bloomberg News, CNBC, and BBC World News. She provides economic intelligence to Scotiabank’s senior executives, is actively involved in market strategy and client development, and is a regular contributor to the Economics department’s various publications.

Tuuli joined Scotiabank in 2006; she has also worked for the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. She holds a Master of Science degree in Economics from the Helsinki School of Economics in Finland. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics on a part-time basis.