Digital Access Agreement

Reading and agreeing to Scotiabank’s Digital Access Agreement ensures your access to Scotiabank’s self-serve Digital Services, which include the Scotia mobile banking app, Scotia OnLine® and related services such as Interac e-Transfer and Scotia InfoAlerts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Digital Access Agreement is a legal document that describes all the Terms and Conditions that apply when you use our Digital Services. This document sets out your rights and obligations as well as those of Scotiabank. Including all of these terms in one document means you don’t have to agree to multiple agreements for multiple Digital Services. 

In some cases, a client may have never been presented with the Digital Access Agreement and/or we don’t have a record of a client having reviewed and agreed to the Digital Access Agreement. In other cases, clients may have agreed to an older version of the Digital Access Agreement that no longer reflects our current Digital Service offerings.

As technology advances and our products and services are updated, the Digital Access Agreement may also be updated. We may notify you of these changes and/or may request that you confirm your agreement to any updated terms.

The Digital Access Agreement covers all of our Digital Services so you don’t have to agree to a separate agreement for each service. Once you’ve accepted the Digital Access Agreement, you will be able to access your accounts and bank using all of our Digital Services. 

In order to access your accounts and use our Digital Services, you are required to review and agree to the Digital Access Agreement. If you don’t agree, you may still access your accounts and bank with us through other channels, including Telephone Banking, ABM network or in branch. 

No, at this time access to our Digital Services is free. However, certain fees may apply to some features associated with your accounts that may be accessed through the Digital Services, such as Interac e-Transfers. These service fees are related to your accounts and are outlined on the  Account Fees page of our website. These service fees are not outlined in the Digital Access Agreement. 

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