Welcome to Canada!

As one of the world's most multicultural countries, Canada derives strength from the diversity of its people.

You have come to Canada to begin a new life and career. You are professionally qualified and determined to be successful in Canada – your new home.

Are you ready to join us?

At Scotiabank, we value the experience and unique perspective you bring to our workplace. Diversity of thought and perspective are critical to the way we work and collaborate at Scotiabank. We will support your aspirations for a successful career.

A culture of inclusion is the heart of our Global Community of Scotiabankers. It is who we are and who we aspire to be.

Scotiabank has many partnerships and community relationships:

  • Hire Immigrants Ottawa: Sponsored the annual Employer Council of Champions Summit.
  • Refugee Career Jump Start: Supports recruitment and mentorship of newcomers.
  • The Canadian-Chinese Finance Association: Sponsored the Canadian Chinese Finance Forum.
  • IMANI Academic Mentorship Program: Sponsored the academic mentorship program, which is dedicated to black youth in Toronto’s East Scarborough community. The focus of this program is to connect black youth to opportunities which allow them to explore post-secondary education (university, college, other).

Scotiabank continues to build a support system for newcomers to Canada. The Bank works with partners to integrate skilled immigrants into the workplace while offering Scotiabankers the opportunity to develop skills in coaching, leadership, and cross-cultural competencies. Scotiabank made considerable effort to help international trained individuals prepare for employment in Canada. This included working with partners such as JVS Toronto and CanPrep in providing online pre-arrival programs for internationally trained professionals:

  • Job Search Strategies: e-learning modules designed to cover essential knowledge = areas of a successful job search.
  • Online Mentoring: Mentoring offers occupation-specific, individual and group mentoring through a mentor located in the participant’s destination province. This interactive mentoring forum provides critical occupation and career information to better integrate immigrants into the Canadian workplace.
  • Achieving Success in the Canadian Workplace: e-Learnings designed to build an understanding of the cultural and communication nuances of the Canadian workplace.
  • Seneca College Professional Services in Financial Services Program: Bridging program for internationally trained financial professionals. Supports recruitment and mentorship of newcomers.
  • ACCESS Employment: Participated in two job fairs that support mentorship and recruitment of newcomers.
  • CanPrep: Sponsored CanPrep which provides employment preparation and guidance to immigrants who have been granted visas but have not yet arrived in Canada. This responsive approach provides immigrants with timely preparation for a successful integration into the Canadian labour market and society. CanPrep, a national pre-arrival program, is delivered by JVS Toronto in partnership with TRIEC and other Canadian community organizations.
  • Firsthand Employer View: Participated in the webinar “How to Guide - Information Interviews”. The webinar focused on job search strategies for professionals relocating to Canada in the next two to twelve months.
  • The TRIEC Mentoring Partnership: Since 2005, Scotiabankers have coached newcomers in the skills required to successfully find employment in Canada.

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