Meet Paulo, a newcomer to Canada from Peru. Learn more about his journey at Scotiabank International Banking and how he was recently recognized for the Best of the Best* employee award.

Current role and early days at Scotiabank:

I work as a Senior Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis for the International Banking Business line here in Toronto. I overlook the financials of more than 20 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia and our team oversees monthly and quarterly financials and analysis of the business line. I initially worked at Scotiabank Peru for 4 years prior to coming to Canada. I was constantly learning and challenging myself and that dynamism and culture is what brought me to Scotiabank again. I was given a lot of learning opportunities in Peru but decided to come to Canada to do my MBA and after graduating the bank opened their doors for me again.

The Scotiabank experience:

Scotiabank is one of the most innovative banks in North America. I would say that the main reason why I decided to work here is that Scotiabank embraces diversity and I think it is embedded in its culture. As a 1st generation immigrant, I was looking for a place that champions my international background, my native language, my willingness to work with people in different countries and even accept my non-Canadian accent, and I found all of this at Scotiabank. Feeling appreciated and that you belong makes you feel confident and that is key for giving your best. It is great to work in a place where you don’t feel like a stranger and a place that embraces diversity and values your differences.

The Scotiabank community:

Being away from family is difficult and not having that support is challenging, but having a community here at the Bank also gives you the support that you need. A good community of colleagues was key, having transparent communications and clear expectations from my direct manager was also important in my adaptation.

Newcomer to Canada achievement:

After all the challenges of starting a new job during the pandemic and adjusting to Canada at the same time, after my first year I was selected as one of the Best of the Best* employees, so that was one of my proudest moments here at Scotiabank. Sometimes as a newcomer you don’t feel confident because of your language or because you come from somewhere else, but recognitions like this one shows you are doing a good job and that builds your confidence for even better results.

Advice for future employees:

First, embrace your diversity and see your differences as something valuable. In my case knowing Spanish and having worked outside of Canada helped me in my role in Canada. Also, do not be afraid to speak up and share your ideas. The great thing about having diversity is having a variety of perspectives that can help you solve problems in a more creative way. So, speak up and embrace your differences, because that will help you in the work you do and will spark innovation.

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 * Scotiabank recognizes its top performers hard work and achievements via the Best of the Best annual employee award.