In celebration of Latin American Heritage Month, we are delighted to share the remarkable career journey of Adriana, a Senior Data Scientist at Scotiabank. 

Breaking boundaries

“As a Latin American woman, I have found Scotiabank to be very open to embracing female talent in any sector. This opened professional opportunities for me that I did not know even existed.” Adriana’s journey began in Scotiabank Colombia, however, her aspiration to become an expert in Customer Lifetime Value prompted her move to Canada.

Chasing Her Dreams

“My decision to move was driven by this hunger to understand every aspect of our customers’ behaviour. I felt that coming to Scotiabank Canada would help me advance my skills and my career while creating value for the Bank... but it was not easy. It was just me and my suitcase. I left my family in Colombia and came to Toronto all by myself to chase my professional dreams.” 

Adriana’s impactful role

From her very first day in Canada, Adriana hit the ground running, bringing her expertise to bear on the Customer Insights, Data and Analytics (CID&A) team and its efforts to foster a data-driven culture. Since joining the team in 2019, Adriana has been unwavering in her commitment to supporting various countries and actively participating in educational initiatives as part of Scotiabank’s Skill Building program for International Banking.

Empowering insights

“I love that I can help professionals across our regions understand how to predict customer insights. It’s my way of helping bridge the gap between the business needs and the amazing analytics tools we have developed to bring the whole bank to our customers.”

Adriana’s professional dreams continue to evolve, driven by her determination and Scotiabank’s support. “I had this idea of building a dashboard showing our customer’s journey – how they decide to acquire our products, and in which circumstances. My leader backed me up, and I created a path to identify all the ways that customers could decide on products and their expected value.” 

Adriana’s ongoing journey

Her career journey is an example of what determination, courage, and a supportive work environment can achieve. Adriana’s story serves as an inspiration to all, especially during Latin American Heritage Month, as we celebrate diversity and the remarkable achievements of individuals like Adriana. 

The Customer Insights, Data & Analytics (CID&A) team at Scotiabank is a community of inclusive, diverse and collaborative innovators. We work with partners across our global footprint to develop solutions that improve the customer experience while leveraging leading-edge technology to drive real impact. 

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