(Photo: Scotiabank Remembrance Day, November 10th 2022, Scotiabank Centre.)

At Scotiabank, we seek to foster an inclusive culture in which every employee is valued and appreciated for who they are and is motivated to reach their full potential. 

Scotiabank’s ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) are grassroots initiatives that celebrate diversity and foster equity and inclusion by providing all employees with opportunities to learn, grow and communicate.

We approached one of the ERG members for updates and recent developments. 

Nathalia | Manager, Enterprise Marketing: Could you tell us more about the Veterans ERG and how it has evolved in recent years?

Veterans ERG member | Michael Begin - Senior Manager, Cybersecurity Training: While I am a recent addition to this ERG, my experience so far is that it is made up of veterans and active reservist as well as civilian members of Scotiabank. Together, the Scotiabank Veterans Network (SVN) meets on a regular basis to discuss topics such as the planning and execution of the bank’s Annual Remembrance/Veterans Day Ceremony, the Indigenous Veterans Day and takes part in other ERG events such as the recent SBEN event Building Belong Together.

The SVN continues to grow and be a more active ERG in support of awareness, inclusion and continuing to be a place for veterans and reservists to come together for support.

Nathalia: How is the ERG structured? How many members does it have?

Michael Begin: There are approximately 400 members in the SVN ERG. The SVN is made up of a cabinet/committee with two Co-Chairs (Bob Berube, Kim Poplestone), Executive Sponsor (Nicole Frew), Communications Committee Lead (Adele Ritchie), Events (Paul Bertrand), Strategy (Redina Papadhopulli & Alex Robinson), Membership (Ricky Blackwood & Joseph Curry), Secretary (Paul Carroll), and Treasurer (Sajia Lopez Fonseca Hidalgo).

Nathalia: What is the Veterans ERG's purpose, and how does it assist its members?

Michael Begin: Scotiabank Veterans Network (SVN) is one of fifteen core enterprise Employee Resource Groups with the mandate to create a community that supports current and former military personnel within Scotiabank and provides a forum for networking, training, and the advancement of this diverse group of employees.

Nathalia: What activities/events does the ERG organize for its members?

Michael Begin: The primary event for the SVN of course is Remembrance/Veterans Day and Indigenous Veterans Day. A lot of planning goes into this event in order to provide a heart felt opportunity to remember the thousands of Canadians who have worn a uniform and have played a supporting role in support of Canada’s commitment to world peace, foreign and domestic operations.

Nathalia: How does Scotiabank support the Veterans ERG?

Michael Begin: The SVN creates an opportunity to Listen, Educate, Act & Sustain through Networking, Training and Advancement of this diverse group of comrades in arms.  Scotiabank supports its active reservists by providing job security when a member deploys and requires time off in support of active operations.  This job security means that a Reservist can support Canada’s mission and interests abroad knowing that their job is safe for them upon their return.

Nathalia: Why is Scotiabank a great employer for Veterans & Reservists?

Michael Begin: Scotiabank is a great employer for Veterans and Reservist by harnessing these individuals' distinctive attributes, skill sets, experiences, and leadership. By doing so, SVN creates a platform for opportunities to actively engage with and learn from this diverse group of individuals. Veterans and Reservists bring to the table a high level of professionalism and skill sets that Scotiabank recognizes and provides members opportunity to share that experience in their positions.

Through these initiatives and more, the Scotiabank Veterans Network is continuously supporting its members.

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