Learn How Scotiabank Supports People of Colour

At Scotiabank, we strive to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed and has an equal opportunity to thrive, regardless of age, race, abilities, sexual orientation, or language spoken. We support individual growth and elevate our collective performance potential by building our leadership teams and maintaining a pipeline of diverse talent.

Meet Camila, who likes to be addressed as "Cami”. She is an employee originally from Peru, working in Canada, who has demonstrated progress throughout her career. We are thrilled and value having people with her talents in our company. The organization develops inclusive initiatives for Latin Americans and other equity deserving groups to ensure employees feel welcome. In addition, Scotiabank actively supports groups within the company called ERGs that celebrate our diversity and foster inclusion. In this scenario, “Hola's” ERG group promotes the culture of several Latin American nations. Moreover, it provides a place for networking, training, and promotion not only for Spanish-speaking Scotiabankers but for anybody interested in Latin America. Diversity and inclusion begin with recognizing and appreciating our differences while uniting in our similarities.

Today, having various perspectives and cultural backgrounds helps teams to be more innovative and productive. Scotiabank is proud to bring people together with diverse backgrounds and views who can contribute to creating an inclusive workplace where all employees can succeed. 

Nathalia: Hi, Cami! Let us know about yourself, your family, and your previous experience at Scotiabank.

My workplace is fantastic! I worked for Scotiabank in Peru for 9 years before accepting a position within the same company abroad. I am currently a Senior Manager, Executive Talent Acquisition. Scotiabank is a company that offers both stability and growth. I moved to Canada with my twins and husband, and it has been a great experience. I discovered a welcoming and friendly culture that makes me feel happy. 

Nathalia: When you received your job offer, what made you excited to accept it?”

I've been working for Scotiabank for 9 years. Relocating was a great chance to start over and I knew it was the best place to be. I felt excited about getting to know new people and learning from a new culture. I was motivated by Scotiabank’s initiatives, inclusiveness, and respect for the professionalism of people from various cultures and countries.

Nathalia: How do you believe your experience of relocating enhanced your talents and prepared you for new professional challenges?

From the first time I came to Canada 6 years ago for a meeting, I knew it was the place where I wanted to be. I am certain that it is mostly about focusing on your vision which gives you the motivation to adapt to new challenges, including being resilient.

Nathalia: What advice can you give visible minorities located in Canada about approaches and job search techniques based on your own experience?

When looking for a new job, regardless of where you are, you should learn as much as you can about the company, understand its culture, and goals, and evaluate whether they make sense to you and if it is a place where you can be the greatest version of yourself. It is essential to use our website to apply for positions, prepare for interviews, and update your resume. Participating in professional social media networks is also a smart idea nowadays.

Nathalia: How do you describe Scotiabank’s culture?

Genuinely supportive and inspiring leaders who promote high performance, well-being and work-life balance. Moreover, the most wonderful thing is that you can breathe this culture globally. Either if you talk to someone in Canada, Chile, Mexico or Peru… you get this feeling.

Nathalia: How do you currently enjoy working for Scotiabank?

I love what I do! Even though this has been a huge transition for me and my family, having a fantastic team and leader to support me along the road makes it so much easier. This includes assistance not just with labor-related concerns, but also with personal adaptation situations such as adjusting to a new transportation system. ERGs are a great instrument that group and support social inclusion within the company.

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