Meet Helena, a newcomer to Canada from China. Learn more about her journey at Scotiabank Business Banking Credit Risk Data & Analytics and how her team won two data visualization championships.

Current role and early days at Scotiabank:

My current role is Business Banking Credit Risk Reporting and Analytics. Our team provides business intelligence solutions to credit risk teams for their reporting and analytics. I came here as an international student and became a new immigrant. My interaction with the Scotiabank campus recruitment team and the interviewers at the beginning of the recruitment process was very positive and important for my decision to join the Bank. After graduating, I joined Scotiabank in the Global Risk Management rotational program which was designed to empower you to explore your interests and learn about the different aspects of risk management, this ultimately helped me choose Scotiabank.

The Scotiabank experience:

I worked with different teams as part of the rotational program, every team was very different but all of them were very collaborative and inclusive. In the program, you can have a mentor to help discover your potential, and a buddy who is a Senior Rotational Associate that gives you suggestions from a peer’s perspective. The leadership here is always advocating for innovation and for moving the needle on gender equality and inclusion. In my role, I take every day as an opportunity to learn and grow and I am especially proud to have participated in Scotiabank’s Data Visualization Competition with my team, and to have won the championship twice. It’s a recognition of our effort to provide insightful solutions to drive business value.  

The Scotiabank community:

I came to Canada five years ago with excitement and lots of uncertainty. I needed to figure out lots of things by myself; everything in my life was new. After graduating from my MBA and joining Scotiabank, I learned so much and was welcomed by every team I worked with. Besides work, I participated in lots of sessions, Lunch and Learn, Data and Analytics Events and also, we got the chance to attend the Microsoft Ignite Tour in Toronto. So, lots of great opportunities to learn from the start, you have many ways to be part of the Scotiabank community.

Newcomer to Canada achievement:

I have relocated to a few cities by myself and have been living out of a suitcase for years, and I think the personal growth and self-improvement I learned during this process is my biggest achievement. It means understanding and believing in yourself and pushing yourself to reach your highest potential. I came to Canada, made true friends, work with great people doing meaningful things everyday, I have developed new skills and hobbies, and this is now my new home.  

Advice for future employees:

Find your passion and keep the proactive attitude. You are in charge of your own career, find an organization that aligns with your values and keep on constantly learning and improving.

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