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Scotiabank is proud to be a Military Friendly Employer

At Scotiabank, we recognize and appreciate the contributions of Canada’s veterans and reservists – during their time of service and beyond. As Canada’s international bank, we have a diverse, global team reflecting many voices, opinions and backgrounds that all contribute to our business performance.

We value the talent advantage veterans and reservists can offer our team, and are proud to have the experience and resources to support them as they bridge their military career to civilian employment. We are also proud to have been recognized as the Most Supportive Employer in Canada, the top award presented by the Canadian Forces Liaison Council (CFLC). As a veteran or reservist, you can complement the Scotiabank team with the strong skills, qualifications and professional development you have achieved through your military career.


Many veterans and reservists have found career success at Scotiabank

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Community Partnerships

Scotiabank partners with similarly minded organizations to help veterans and reservists transition into private life.

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In their own words
We invited several members of our staff that are veterans and reservists to describe their experiences in moving to the private sector as Scotiabankers. Take a look at what they have to say.


Robert Bérubé, Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired), Canadian Special Operations Forces Officer | Director, Channel & Executive Operations, Scotiabank

“Retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces after 25 years of service and joining the private sector was one of the most challenging decisions of my professional life. I served around the world as an Infantry and Special Operations Officer, which gave me the opportunity to work and live in many countries and experience a wide range of cultures, providing security to underprivileged people in remote parts of the world. Scotiabank understood the value of my international experience and my background of service to others. I now work to ensure the Bank’s customers are at the centre of our strategy and that staff are safe and secure. After two years with the Bank, I can say the fit with Scotiabank is perfect and my transition from the Armed Forces to a civilian workplace was seamless.”

Anthony Alliot, Sergeant | Senior Consultant, Talent Acquisition, Scotiabank

“Like many others, I joined the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves as a student, looking for adventure and a unique challenge. After 9 years of service, including two tours overseas, I felt ready to take on new types of challenges. I was hired at Scotiabank as a Recruitment Consultant, leveraging the skills I had gained from having worked in recruiting within the Reserves. Initially, I wasn’t sure how my unconventional background would be viewed by employers in the private sector, however Scotiabank recognized and valued my experience. During my time in the military I have been fortunate to meet and work along-side some incredible people with wide-ranging backgrounds. Finding that rare talent can be an organization’s biggest challenge and I’m happy to be part of a team that finds and recruits Scotiabank’s future leaders.”



Frank Atyeo, Regimental Sergeant Major, Canadian Forces Reserves | Director, Global Security Operations Centre, Scotiabank

“I joined Scotiabank just over 6 years ago, and am currently responsible for the safety and security of its customers, staff and assets. I have also been an active member of the Canadian Forces Reserves for 24 years. With my exposure to both organizations, I’ve met and worked with many talented people who have influenced my development. The military has given me some unique life experiences that, together with my training, have contributed directly to my success at Scotiabank. Being expected to function under stressful situations develops resiliency and the ability to make decisions under pressure, a skill used often in my current role. Being trained to operate at a level higher has enhanced my strategic awareness and helped me appreciate how individual actions can impact organizational success. One of the biggest challenges I faced in transitioning to the private sector was envisioning how the skills that had made me successful in the military would apply to other roles. My recommendation to those going through the interview process? Don’t underestimate how applicable they are in a business environment.”

Dwayne Hobbs, Assistant Chief of Staff (Support) of 4th Canadian Division Headquarters | Director, AML/ATF and Sanctions Teams, Audit Department, Scotiabank

“I joined the Canadian Army Reserve in 1988, then became a Commissioned officer in the Infantry with the Canadian Armed Forces. I have led a number of diverse organizations in operations overseas, in places like Bosnia, Syria and Afghanistan. I’ve travelled extensively and enjoyed the benefits of an unparalleled level of investment in professional development focused on leadership. In my last job, I commanded the Army Reserve Brigade of 2,500 people, in the Greater Toronto Area. Scotiabank saw my military experience as a great fit for its Security & Investigations team, which I joined in 2013 as Director, Global Security Operations Centre. Both organizations have a similar Canadian footprint, but operate globally. After a year’s leave of absence to complete the National Security Program at the Canadian Forces College, I took on my new position here. I’ve been very fortunate in finding roles where my education, training and experience can contribute to success. Scotiabank leaders have always shown that they appreciate not only my individual contributions but also the dedication and skills of those with a military background. I’ve been given a framework to learn and grow personally and professionally at an exponential rate!”


Community Partnerships

Stronger Together
Scotiabank encourages the recruitment of Veteran and Reservist talent through our involvement in community partnerships and participation in targeted recruitment initiatives.

Canada Company

Canada Company

Canada Company is a charitable, non-partisan organization that serves to build the bridge between business, community leaders and the Canadian Military. Scotiabank is a Certified Military Friendly Employer Partner with the Canada Company Military Employment Transition (MET) Program. MET is an initiative developed to assist Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Members, Reservists, Veterans and Military Spouses who are seeking to find jobs in the civilian workforce.

Canadian Special Operations Regiment Association

Canadian Special Operations Regiment Association

The Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) Association is a not-for-profit association that serves as the formal link between current and former members of the Canadian Special Operations Regiment. The Association provides support to membership and their families in their post-Regimental/Military lives. The Canadian Special Operations Regiment Association fosters, promotes and helps support the well-being of members and the Regimental Family through advocacy and mentorship while maintaining ties with the CSOR and key external stakeholders.

Canadian Special Operations Regiment Association

Career Edge

Scotiabank and Career Edge have been partners since 1996, helping recent graduates, recent graduates with disabilities, newcomers to Canada, and Canadian Armed Forces Reservists to overcome employment barriers and jump-start their careers. Career Edge is a self-sustaining social enterprise that connects leading Canadian employers with diverse, qualified talent through paid internships.

Treble Victor

Treble Victor

Founded in 2007 by Mark Walden and Don Ludlow, the Treble Victor Group (or 3V) is a network of ex-military leaders who work to help one another succeed in their post-service careers. They accomplish this by sharing introductions, mentoring and coaching, and by organizing speaker events and professional development sessions. 3V also works with other organizations to support the development of veteran transition programs and to build awareness among corporate leaders of the business case for hiring vets.

True Patriot Love

True Patriot Love

True Patriot Love is a national organization that honours the sacrifices of members of the Canadian Armed Forces, veterans and their families, in both times of peace and conflict, by: funding programs in mental health, physical rehabilitation, family supports and veteran transition that address the impact of service; funding research to discover new treatments, increase access to programs and treatments, etc.; discovering solutions to systemic challenges faced by veterans and their families; and pairing injured soldiers with Canadian business leaders on ambitious expeditions to profile, among other things, the transferability of military skills to a civilian career.