In this new blog series we will bring you unique stories of Customer Care employees who have navigated different paths to get them to their current role. While each path is different, they all share a common customer focus that has guided them along the way.

Today we meet Shabana,  Manager, Customer Service and Solutions, working from our Scotiabank Call Centre in Toronto. Join us as we learn more about her career journey and how she has learned about assistive technology to best support her team that includes five Customer Care Agents that are visually impaired.

Starting as a part-time Customer Service Advisor 15 years ago…

“I have been with the Bank for the past 15 years and have gained knowledge and experience in different departments: Service, Inbound Sales, Outbound Sales, Small Business, investments, mortgage renewal and the student GIC programme when it launched.

My first role in the Bank was as part-time Customer Service Advisor.  I have gained increased responsibilities throughout the years and am now a Manager of Customer Service and Solutions with 15 active agents reporting to me who service customers over the phone. My role is to provide support, assistance, weekly coaching, scorecard assessment, compliance and performance reviews, and much more. Luckily, we have great leaders who provide support in every phase of your day-to-day. I love the people and the culture we follow: professional, understanding, competitive, and customer oriented”.

Making a true impact on her team including five agents who are visually impaired…

“My biggest achievement is the continued support of five agents who are visually impaired.  Although my biggest challenge was learning new assistive technology software, my leaders have guided me in every step and have trusted my abilities. Seeing the success of call centre agents who moved to different roles and achieved their career goals inspires me to work closely with everyone on my team… I am proud to be here.”

Her advice to future Scotiabank Customer Care employees…

“Bring the right and positive attitude to work, be diligent, be disciplined, focus on your goals, play your role with integrity and honesty and the sky is the limit at Scotiabank.”

We hope you have enjoyed the first installment of our Customer Care series. Our Global Operations group has multiple career paths that revolve around working together to help our customers, with a genuine desire to always: be better through continuous improvement, be empowered to drive higher operational efficiency and be inspired to grow within the organization. To find current open jobs at Scotiabank Global Operations Click here!