In this new blog series we will bring you unique stories of Customer Care employees who have navigated different paths to get them to their current role. While each path is different, they all share a common customer focus that has guided them along the way.

Today we meet Bhrapa a Customer Care Advisor who has been working for our Scotiabank Call Centre since 1998. Over the decades he has been a pioneer on so many different levels, driving progress and innovation in the accessibility field as one of the first Call Centre employees to be vision impaired. Join us in this inspiring story.

One of the first employees with vision impairment hired in the Call Centre…

“Because of the civil war in Sri Lanka, I had to leave and came to Canada in 1997. I got into a program for people with disabilities by the Goodwill Industries. It was a customer service training program, and one of the partners in that program was at Scotiabank. I did the test and then I was sent to an interview with Scotiabank. By March 1998, exactly a year after I left Sri Lanka, I was employed with Scotiabank and started working in the call center. Within a year of arriving to Canada to be able to be employed gainfully, it is just a wonderful story.

I was one of the first to be employed as blind people in the call center, so the technology was not ready then. Since joining I have supported the adaptation of new accessibility technology, training other employees and also those who are visually impaired, while continuing my duties within the Everyday Banking Call Centre.”

On helping others become pros at their job…

“I feel proud when I help other employees, especially those who are visually impaired, and they become pros at their job. I have helped with Halifax, Ottawa and even Colombia call centres. I help with newly recruited advisors who need guidance with using assistive technology software. Another source of pride for me was having been nominated “the best of the best”* on several occasions. It is a recognition I value”.

A pioneer on working from home arrangement…

“I was actually the first person to work from home back in 2001, it was a pilot project. I don’t have any problem traveling, I have good mobility skills so I went to the offices sometimes. Now a days I mostly work from home, I am more productive from home. What I miss about going to work in person was listening to how other advisors answer questions, their wording, the way they structured their responses, these were great learning moments for me during my break or lunch time.”

Customer service knowledge he relays to others…

“Manage what is under our control, be always ready, punctual, prepared to take the call. Let the customer finish with what they are saying and don't assume you know the answer already. Also make sure that you are repeating back their question but in your own words and make sure this is what the customer is calling about.”

Scotiabank’s commitment to inclusion is palpable throughout the decades…

“Scotiabank has supported me and trained me since day one. They have adapted scripts for the application of new technology. We also have a different way to escalate a call to a consultant, they get to see the call has been escalated by a user of a screen reading software, so they are aware it comes from someone with assisted technology. The facilities management has also been very helpful for accessibility”

On how he describes his Scotiabank journey

“I have been brave, always helpful and worked hard every day”

We hope you have enjoyed this installment of our Customer Care series. Our Global Operations group has multiple career paths that revolve around working together to help our customers, with a genuine desire to always: be better through continuous improvement, be empowered to drive higher operational efficiency and be inspired to grow within the organization. To find current open jobs at Scotiabank Global Operations Click here!

* Scotiabank recognizes its top performers hard work and achievements via the Best of the Best annual employee award.