LGBT+ Communities Talent Program

Advancing Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

At Scotiabank, we strive to advance an inclusive culture where every employee is enabled to reach their fullest potential, thrive and belong. All individuals are respected for who they are, and differences and similarities are embraced. We provide accessible and inclusive resources for our employees and communities to connect, learn and develop.

We believe that by building an environment where employees can thrive, and developing and attracting diverse talent, that we empower every future and create a workplace where everyone can perform at their very best. We recognize that each of us holds a diverse range of intersecting identities, such as race, disability, ethnicity, religion or creed, age, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and more.

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Pride 2022

It’s about including everyone, making sure no one is left behind. This year, we’ll celebrate Pride a little differently and make sure that together, we fill the air with love.

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How we’re driving for equality for every future

Scotiabank’s inclusive culture provides an environment where diverse people feel a sense of belonging. We’re stronger together – for our employees and for our customers around the world!


CGLCC names Scotiabank National Corporation of the Year

This award acknowledges Scotiabank's support of Canada's LGBT+ community, as well as the work it does to enable the development of LGBT+ businesses and professionals.

Scotiabank furthers commitment to Human Rights as it becomes the first Canadian bank to adopt the UN Global LGBTI Standards for Business

Scotiabank is committed to being an inclusive employer and an advocate for women and members of the LGBTI community.

Employee Resource Groups

Scotiabank has many Employee Resource Groups that operate globally and focus on advancing inclusion. Pride’s mission is to enable, engage and energize team members around LGBT+ initiatives in order to create an inclusive and supportive environment for employees, customers, allies, and LGBT+ communities.

How Scotiabankers are celebrating Pride 2020, virtually!

Even though this year’s Pride celebrations may look a little different our commitment to having an inclusive workplace remains consistent.

Scotiabank adds gender affirmation coverage to benefits for employees in Canada and U.S.

Scotiabank will offer coverage for enhanced gender affirmation procedures for eligible employees and their dependents.

Our Awards

Building an inclusive workplace is our ongoing commitment and we’re proud of the work we have done but we know there’s still work to do. 

What is it like to work here?

It’s our goal to empower every future by creating a workplace where everyone can perform at their very best. We attract and develop the very best diverse talent and build an environment where employees can thrive and belong.


Manager, Operational Effectiveness

“Working for an organization that supports equality as a visible minority, as a woman and as a member of the LGBT+ community is extremely important. Scotiabank empowers me to show up to work as my complete authentic self. Over my 8 years with the Bank I have experience a strong sense of community and have been provided with a number of unique opportunities to grow as a leader, which has been an invaluable career experience.” 


Facilitator, Learning & Development

“Having gone through my transition being employed by Scotiabank has had a tremendously positive impact on my entire journey. Too many people in the community fear for their safety and employment when coming out as transgender. I was applauded, supported and celebrated.” 


Manager, Lending Portfolio Management

“Scotiabank has provided a completely unbiased and safe space where I can genuinely be myself. Being part of the LGBT+ community and LGBT+ Ally Support group, Scotiabank has given me the opportunity to express how I feel and to provide a supportive fellowship for our LGBT+ employees to be heard. I never had to worry about being myself when posed with career advancements which provides me a great sense of inclusion and respect.“


Wealth Management Consultant

“As part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, identifying as a gay women, I have never felt more like my authentic self then while working for Scotiabank. I am able to be myself openly and be judged on my abilities and not my sexual orientation. Scotiabank supports my career by allowing me to use my access and influence to support, acknowledge and bring awareness to others.”