At Scotiabank, we seek to foster an inclusive culture in which every employee is valued and appreciated for who they are and is motivated to reach their full potential. 

Scotiabank’s ERGs are grassroots initiatives that celebrate diversity and foster equity and inclusion by providing all employees with opportunities to learn, grow and communicate.  

We approached some members of the Canada Pride ERG Chapter for information about the group and recent developments.

Nathalia (She/Her), Program Manager, Talent Marketing: Could you please tell me about the Canada Pride ERG Chapter and how it has progressed in recent years?

Kristy (She/Her), Co-Chair, Canada Pride ERG Chapter, Wealth Management Consultant: “In 2020, I became the Co-Chair of the Canada Pride ERG Chapter to support the goal of expanding membership across the nation. In 2023, we are proud to have Pride ERG representation in our six regions: British Colombia & Yukon; Prairie; Ontario Quebec & Eastern Ontario, Toronto, & Atlantic. Pride ERG leaders from each of those regions engage with our Canada Chapter Council, where we work together on strategies and initiatives to advance the inclusion of LGBT+ employees.”

Nathalia: How is the ERG organized? How many members does it have?

Kristy: “Our Canada Pride ERG Chapter has two Chair positions supported by ERG Directors as part of our Canada Chapter’s Council. We host monthly discussions with geographical regional and business & functional line representation. The regions also have councils set up to support their work locally, and alongside all those active ERG members, we have over 5,200 members in Canada.
The governance and roles are all clearly outlined via our online learning platforms, easily accessible to those that want to join in and lean in with any of our ERGs.”

Nathalia: What is the goal of the Canada Pride ERG Chapter and how does it benefit employees?

Meena (She/Her), Partnerships Director, Canada Pride ERG Chapter, Branch Manager: “The goal is to ensure allies are educated and made aware of the challenges LGBT+ employees experience, while ensuring everyone feels like they belong at Scotiabank.”

Jo-el (He/Him), Partnerships Director, Canada Pride ERG Chapter , Senior Manager HR Business Partner: “The Canada Pride ERG Chapter creates safe spaces where LGBT+ employees can be their authentic selves and build allyship so that our stories and experiences are valued and celebrated.”

Nathalia: What activities/events does the ERG plan for its members?

Kimberly (She/Her), Communications Director, Canada Pride ERG Chapter, Director Commercial/Wealth Integration: “The Canada Pride ERG Chapter regularly holds sessions for its members that include education and awareness opportunities to better understand intersectional issues, sharing circles to hear new ideas and ways to ensure everyone feels they belong, as well as recognition of members and the work they are doing. The ERG provides activities and events to support the personal development goals of members. The ERG also plans and facilitates key Pride activities for members across the country.”

Nathalia: How does Scotiabank support the Canada Pride ERG Chapter?

Brooke (She/Her), Volunteers Director, Canada Pride ERG Chapter, Branch Manager: “Scotiabank provides a platform, with senior leadership support, for the ERG to meet, develop, and share with the greater bank.
Employees are invited to march in regional Pride parades across the country where we are provided with Scotiabank & Tangerine Pride T-shirts, swag, and Pride Pins that we are encouraged to wear 365 days per year.
Through ScotiaRISE, Scotiabank provides philanthropic funding to LGBT+ community partners such as Rainbow Railroad, The 519, etc.
Also, ERG members can leverage, an internal Scotiabank platform, Spark, to track our volunteer hours and earn donation dollars to give back to LGBT+ and other charities of our choice.”

Nathalia: Why is Scotiabank a great employer for LGBT+ candidates?

Jordan (He/Him), Operations Director, Canada Pride ERG Chapter, Manager Field Operations – BC & Yukon / Prairies: “Scotiabank is a great employer for LGBT+ candidates because of its culture of inclusivity and encouragement for its employees to bring their whole selves to work each day. The support for LGBT+ employees across all business and functional lines continues to grow with the help of ERGs and Scotiabank’s focus on allyship. This in turn fosters an environment where individuals can thrive and develop personally/professionally, having access to equitable opportunities for career progression.”

Maxime (He/Him), Operations Director, Canada Pride ERG Chapter, Private Banker: “Scotiabank is a great employer. We can feel free to be who we are without judgment, we have a strong community that we can reach out to for support, and we have the possibility to grow with Scotiabank.
Through different initiatives, the Canada Pride ERG Chapter is actively driving diversity, equity and inclusion across the Bank and enthusiastically supporting the community.”

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