Are you an innovative leader who can foresee problems before they arise? Do you have a knack for building strong relationships and want to gain exposure to various areas of Operations within a global organization? I chatted with Senior Manager, Jaclyn, to learn all about Scotiabank’s Catalyst Operations New Graduate Development Program and what makes the program so unique!

Meaghan: Hey Jaclyn, thanks so much for chatting with me about Catalyst! Before we get into it, could you tell our readers a bit about yourself and your career journey?

Jaclyn: Hi everyone! My name is Jaclyn and it’s an honour to be leading the Catalyst Operations Development Program here at Scotiabank! Early in my career, I took part in a leadership development program in another industry and experienced first-hand what an incredible impact this type of foundational opportunity can have on one’s professional and personal journey. As a result, I am super passionate about developing and coaching talent and watching them experience their own journey of growth and learning in the Catalyst program!

Meaghan: What are some of Catalyst’s unique features? Why was the program developed?

Jaclyn: Catalyst is now two years old – we just celebrated the graduation of our first cohort this summer! The program was launched in 2019 with the mission of investing in future leaders of the bank, specifically within the Global Operations stream. Today, the program has expanded to span across Global Operations and Global Wholesale Operations, and students can apply to the preferred stream that aligns best with their interests. Throughout a two-year program journey, Catalyst associates have the unique opportunity to rotate through three different rotations of eight months each, allowing them to gain a breadth of experience in a short period of time, discover their passions and jumpstart their career upon program graduation. Perhaps the best part is that Catalyst associates join the program alongside a cohort of peers with whom they partake in awesome socials, speaker series, workshops, and grow with throughout their program lifecycle. Plus, Catalyst associates are members of Talent Incubators for Leaders of Tomorrow (TILT) – aka the best network of superstars from all our campus programs at the bank!

Meaghan: Amazing! Why might a recent graduate want to join the Catalyst program in particular?

Jaclyn: This program allows students to jump into the corporate world and get exposed to various areas of Operations within an accelerated period of time, while experiencing it all through a leadership lens. Think of it as a two-year journey of investing in yourself, building a community, and showing up every day with the type of winning Attitude, sense of Ownership, and eagerness for Opportunity (“AOO”, as we like to call it!) that will shape you into a future leader of Scotiabank!

Meaghan: When you’re recruiting for Catalyst, what skills or qualities do you look for in applicants?

Jaclyn: This program is a perfect fit for someone who has been a leader throughout their university years, who has been involved in extra-curricular initiatives, and who wants to continue their leadership development journey in a corporate setting. In Operations specifically, we are looking for future leaders who foresee problems before they arise, recognize efficiencies, and love a challenge. They have a keen, critical eye and get things done, while building strong internal and external relationships. Our Catalyst family is so diverse, made up of undergraduate and master’s graduates, and everyone brings their own unique experience and contributions to the program!

Meaghan: Students are always curious about the types of career paths our TILT programs can lead to. What does a typical career path look like for Catalyst graduates?

Jaclyn: Having a solid foundation in Operations opens up a world of opportunities! Our graduates' career paths upon program graduation are each unique and aligned with their interests, skillsets, and ambitions. At a global organization like Scotiabank, the career opportunities that await are truly endless!

Meaghan: Thank you again for sharing this incredible information, Jaclyn! One last question – if you could give one piece of advice to students, what would it be?

Jaclyn: My advice to anyone interested in joining a program like Catalyst is to trust the journey! You never know who you’ll meet, what you will learn, or which experiences you’ll look back on most fondly in two years as you graduate the program! 

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