Hello! My name is Rachid Mounla and I’m an Analyst in TILT’s Impact Global Capital Markets Rotational Program at Scotiabank. I graduated in May 2019 from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC with a major in Finance and a minor in Statistics. 

I first considered joining Scotiabank after attending a Global Banking and Markets (GBM) networking session for prospective interns in Toronto organized by Jennifer Slegers. I remember being very impressed by the talks some of the Managing Directors gave, where they highlighted the Bank’s modernization effort by heavily investing in technology, as well as their celebration of diversity in their workforce and the positive impact it has on the business. I had meaningful conversations with several GBM employees, and I left knowing this was a bank I wanted to work for.

When I first graduated, I knew I wanted to work in Sales and Trading as I was drawn to the dynamic, fast-paced, high energy, and challenging culture, but I had no clue what desk I was most interested in. The Impact Global Capital Markets (GCM) rotational program allowed me to learn more about what I like and where’d I’d be a good fit, by working with different groups on the trading floor. The program allows you to pick 3-month rotations in different roles (sales, trading, structuring/origination) and across asset classes (fixed income, equities, commodities, FX). If I learned one thing from the Impact program, it’s that there’s a place for everyone on the trading floor. Whether you’re interested in a quantitative role, a trading role, a client-facing role, a research role, you name it… there’s a group for you in Scotiabank’s Global Capital Markets division. 

A highlight of my time here at Scotiabank would be my recent signing with the US Rates team in the New York office as an Analyst for my full-time placement. One of the key attributes of the Impact program that’s very attractive is the international mobility it offers. You can rotate (and even be placed permanently) in one of Scotiabank’s trading floors around the world. I’m grateful to be working at an organization like Scotiabank that is ready to invest in the development of its employees and offer unparalleled opportunities even at the early stages of one’s career.  

My advice for students would be to network, have a positive attitude, and grab opportunities as soon as they present themselves. Your journey through university and into the workforce probably won’t be a straight line; rather, it could be a rollercoaster filled with unforeseen obstacles as well as opportunities that you never would have anticipated. I would advise you to constantly push and challenge yourselves. Say yes to things that’s might push you out of your comfort zone. Be visible with the recruiters and reach out to people whose jobs you find interesting. You never know what might come your way!


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