Are you a problem solver and relationship-builder that brings innovative solutions to the table? Do you have the desire to drive and grow the Canadian Banking and Global Wealth Management business? I sat down with Melissa, Senior Manager of our Expedition Women in Leadership Development Program to learn more about the program that fast-tracks its associates to the leadership level.


Meaghan: Hi Melissa! I cannot wait to learn about the Expedition program, but first I’m hoping to learn a little more about you! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Melissa: Hi everyone! My name is Melissa Dalmacio. I joined Scotiabank 2 years ago as a Senior Program Manager (oddly enough, I also did a summer internship here!). I graduated from the University of Western with a degree in Finance and spent the first part of my career in risk management, most of that time at Deloitte, where I also volunteered on the Campus team. I absolutely fell in love with Campus and helping new graduates launch their careers, so much so that I switched my career path into HR! I was craving global exposure and strategy and joined the CPP Investment Board in 2014 where I got to develop campus strategies in Asia, Europe, and North America. I joined Scotiabank in 2018 where I ran the Global Capital Markets (Sales & Trading) rotational program. This year I’ve switched my focus to a new exciting opportunity where I’ve built Expedition, our new Women in Leadership program. One thing I can say is that I have a passion for helping people.

When I’m not busy developing the future leaders of Scotiabank, I spend as much of my free time as I can traveling! I’m a travel junkie and have been to 41 countries so far and have so much more on my list to explore - post COVID-19 of course! When I’m in the city you’ll find me trying out new restaurants, at the gym, or snuggled up with my favorite book (I’m a book worm at heart). You’ll often find me blasting Afrobeats or Soca as I dance around the house, or anywhere for that matter! The two things I can’t live without though? Plain and simple, family and friends. They truly are my world.

Meaghan: Thank you for sharing that! Now on to Expedition – can you tell us all about this amazing new program? 

Melissa: I’m really excited to share more about Expedition! Expedition is a 2-year Women in Leadership Development program developed to build the future leaders within the Canadian Banking and Global Wealth Management businesses. The program offers 3 unique rotations across different business lines and helps individuals gain exposure to each group while fast-tracking them to a leadership level. Through a focused and tailored learning curriculum, mentorship, coaching, and exposure to leadership, we are building the future leaders of tomorrow while also making the commitment to gender diversity and inclusion that is so important for the success of Scotiabank. Over the years we plan to expand this program across the entire bank.

Meaghan: That sounds like an incredible opportunity! Why might someone want to join Expedition in particular?

Melissa: I think the right question is why wouldn’t someone want to join this program? It’s focused on building female leaders, fast-tracking career trajectory, and getting exposure across the bank. It truly sets you up for success as you progress towards the VP+ level.

Meaghan: When you’re recruiting talent for Expedition, what do you typically look for? What qualities stand out to you in candidates?

Melissa: We are looking for students in a Master’s program with 3-5 years of work experience, as the program starts at the Senior Manager level. This is the highest entry-level of all Talent Incubator for Leaders of Tomorrow (TILT) programs. There isn’t a cookie-cutter type of candidate, as the goal is to identify talent that brings a diversity of experiences and thinking to the table. In general, I’m looking for someone with intellectual curiosity, the aptitude to learn and develop, someone who is passionate about solving problems within the Bank, and someone that has strong relationship-building skills.

Meaghan: Once individuals complete the program, are there certain career paths they tend to follow?

Melissa: The great thing about this program is that it doesn’t lead to only one single career path! We really work with the individual candidates on their career goals and provide them the platform to develop in that direction.

Meaghan: The Expedition program sounds truly amazing, Melissa! Before you go – is there any advice you have for students?

Melissa: Chase your passion. When you’re passionate about something you will naturally be more curious, willing to spend time learning and developing your skills. It won’t seem like work. You will genuinely be happy doing what you do every single day!


Interested in learning more about the Expedition program and how to apply? Click here!