AthLead Development Program for 
Varsity Athlete Co-ops and Interns 

Undergraduate co-ops and interns
Summer (May to August)


AthLead is a program designed exclusively for student varsity athletes competing at Canadian Universities. We recognize that student-athletes are competitive and self-motivated, both in sports and academics. Managing time effectively while juggling heavy workloads. Thriving and working in a team setting. Handling success and managing defeat with perseverance, and knowing how to turn criticism into actionable change. Above all, using your personal drive to propel training, or career, to the next level. We know the incredible qualities of student-athletes, and we want to encourage them to bring this value to our environment.

When you begin your AthLead journey with us, we will help coach you in finding which roles best suit your interests and help accomplish your career goals for the duration of your undergraduate degree. Once you have worked a co-op term with us and achieve a strong performance review, we would love to have you back at Scotiabank! What could be better for a busy athlete?

Each Summer during your co-op or internship, we will work around your training schedule to expose you to a business line that fits your skills and strengths. By the time you graduate, you’ll have had a thorough experience of our company and culture. Our goal is provide a good idea of where you could launch your full-time career. You’ll also get early admission to our associate programs. It’s a win-win experience. 

The Chartered Professional Accountant  Student Training

Does this sound like you? 

  • You’re a varsity athlete at a Canadian University

  • You’re interested in a career in the financial industry

  • You’re ambitious, curious and have an insatiable drive to learn

  • You see yourself as a future impactful leader

  • What to Expect

    As an AthLead student, you’ll have access to your own career coach who will act as a mentor and help guide you towards your next career challenge and Summer term. Each Summer, you’ll make your "top three" choices for business lines and will only need to interview once. You’ll also have exclusive access to former athlete leadership talks and will participate in an end of term elite case competition. In your last term, AthLead students get an exclusive sneak peek at our Associate Programs and begin building important relationships with our dedicated program managers

    You’ll also take part in a bank-wide orientation to learn more about Scotiabank and gain exposure to senior leadership across the organization. There’s a huge social component during your time with us. Peer networking, 1:1 mentorship, masterclass workshops, lunch & learns, and internal career fairs are all part of it. You’ll have access to skill-building modules, as well as challenging work-integrated learnings - all of which come together to create a stimulating environment where you will have the chance to thrive. We want you to be a sponge and take it all in, bring your great attitude, always be your true self, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. This is your time to shine.

    How to Apply

    Check the postings in your school’s career portal, with your career centre, or visit our student jobs page