Hello everyone! My name is Rabia and I’m a Global Risk Management (GRM) Associate in the Activate Strategic Functions New Graduate Development Program. I recently graduated from Ryerson University where I completed my undergraduate degree in Global Business Management. I started my career at Scotiabank during my second year of university and I can truly say that I have had the best career journey so far!

When I first started looking for a job, I wanted to work for a company that was diverse, passionate, culture driven, and provided immense growth opportunities. When I landed a role with Scotiabank, I quickly learned that they offered all of this and more! I started off in the Retail Sector as a Customer Representative where I was provided with endless coaching, training, and development. Throughout my time at the branch, I had amazing mentors, managers, and colleagues to motivate me and help me reach my goal of becoming a Universal Banker (UB). As a UB, I was responsible for engaging customers in digital banking, opening day-to-day and credit accounts as well as hosting events for the branch. In addition to my time at the branch, I completed a summer internship with Scotiabank as an Analyst in Global Business Payments where I was first introduced to the campus recruitment team.

During my last year of university, I was thrilled to be back at the branch; however, I wanted to continue to challenge myself and take on a role where I would develop and learn new skills. When I learned about the Activate Strategic Functions New Graduate Development Program, I knew this program was right for me as it included multiple rotations to learn about different areas of the business, significant leadership exposure, and a mentorship program. Once accepted into the Activate program, I decided to join the Global Risk Management streamline where I landed a position as a Senior Analyst in Unsecured Lending, Retail Credit Risk. I joined this team as I was interested in analyzing risk and presenting insights on retail credit products. In working so closely with credit products at the branch, I developed a strong passion for these products and wanted to work behind-the-scenes to find solutions on how to mitigate internal and external risk.

Currently, I am approaching the end of my first rotation in Retail Credit Risk and over the course of five months, I have been able to code, provide strong insights from data sets, and communicate findings effectively to leaders. Looking back at my first day in the Activate Program, I can say that this program has challenged me and rapidly accelerated my development both professionally and personally.

Coming from a family with a strong banking background, I am often asked the question of, “Why Scotiabank?” I always respond with, “Scotiabank is my second family.” Throughout my journey at the bank, I have met incredible leaders and colleagues who I am proud to call my mentors. I have had many highlights in my journey here, but some include the time I met Dan Rees (Group Head, Canadian Banking), volunteering to be a United Way Ambassador, and being a part of the Social Committee during my Scotiabank internship.

My advice to students is to always raise your hand and take on new challenges! Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Stepping out of my comfort zone was a challenge for me, but the personal development that came from the challenge helped me to reach my goals. As the Campus Recruitment team says, ‘have a great Attitude, take Ownership and seek Opportunities!’

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