Do you have a passion for Capital Markets, but are having a tough time finding out which product desk is right for you? I sat down with Matt, Senior Program Manager of Impact – Scotiabank’s Global Capital Markets Rotational Program, which helps recent graduates develop to become future leaders of tomorrow.


Meaghan: Hey Matt! Why don’t you start by telling the audience a little bit about yourself?

Matt: Hello hello! My name is Matthew Laing. I went to Ryerson University for my undergrad and majored in finance. I then fell into Human Resource (HR) thanks to my love of the people side of the business world. I truly believe in helping progress HR strategy, as people are the heart and soul of every company. I was recruited to Scotiabank in January of 2019 to manage experienced recruitment for the front office of Global Banking & Markets and now lead Impact as the Senior Program Manager. When I am not working, I love to workout, everything or anything health-related, basketball (GO RAPTORS!!), Formula 1, comedy, personal/professional development, and producing or listening to music. 

Meaghan: Thanks for the introduction! Can you tell our readers a bit more about the Impact program and what makes it so unique? 

Matt: Impact is a rotational program designed to kick start your Capital Markets career with Scotiabank. Built into Impact, we have a unique onboarding program called “Capital Ideas,” which is custom designed by our Learning team. This onboarding program is a mix of a Global Banking & Markets overview, but also immersive training so you can hit the ground running from day one. Every 12 weeks, you will rotate on specialized product desks, providing you with a unique opportunity to both contribute and gain hands-on experience. This also provides you with a range of unique experiences early on in your career to accelerate your development. Leveraging Scotiabank’s supportive culture, you will also have exposure to various leaders, mentorship, and continuous learning. Scotiabank’s footprint is global, and so is your experience in the program. As such, it will also include one international rotation outside your home office. Many students have gone to New York, London, Toronto, Singapore, etc. 

Meaghan: That’s incredible. With that, I can probably guess the answer to this next question, but why would a student want to join the Impact program?

Matt: Well… It must be the international rotation, right? I also believe that a great part about the program is being able to complete rotations that you normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to so early in your career. It can be tough to figure out which group would be the best fit long term. With Impact, by the time you exit the program and land full time on a desk, you will have had the chance to try many different divisions which provides a more concrete idea of what you enjoy, and where your strengths lie. “You never know until you try” is my motto! Impact will also help you to become a dynamic future leader – various directors and managing directors within Global Capital Markets and other areas of the Bank are alumni of the program. Impact will truly challenge you to grow as a professional. 

Meaghan: When you’re recruiting talent for Impact, what qualities stand out to you in candidates, and who would this program be a good fit for?

Matt: First and foremost would be a passion for Capital Markets. We look for top students from a wide range of backgrounds. That can include science, technology, engineering, math, arts, business, finance, economics, and the list goes on! Besides the educational background, there are some important characteristics that will lead you to be successful in the program. For example, innovative students who can generate novel solutions and be creative in solving complex problems are a great fitAlso, we look for students with strong execution skills, as you will need to solve these complex problems despite time pressure. That can also include someone great at setting goals, monitoring progress, and taking the initiative to improve your work. Students that like to build and maintain long-term relationships are also a great fit. Capital Markets is a team sport, so those that have thrived in a similar setting will be successful. The field is also fast-paced and ever-changing, so students that can anticipate, plan, and adjust to those demands will thrive. Having strong communication skills is a great asset to the program as you will need to be able to explain ideas with clear and concise language.

Meaghan: A common question for students interested in our programs is what could their career look like after the program. Can you provide some insight on this for Impact specifically?

Matt: Impact can lead you to a very rewarding career in Capital Markets and Scotiabank as a whole. The unique experiences you gain and connections in Global Banking & Markets will last a lifetime and enable you to be a top future leader in the business world. In short, it will lead to a very impactful career (see what I did there?!).

Meaghan: Thank you so much for your time today, Matt! Before you go – if you could give one piece of advice to students, what would it be?

Matt: Impossible is nothing to a person who tries! 


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 If you have questions or want to meet Matt and his team, go check out our Campus Event page!