Designed with inclusivity at its heart

Inclusive Design

When we build experiences, we consider the full range of human diversity. The new Scotia app was designed with your ability, context, and situation in mind to put you in control of your banking.

Barrier-free banking means making the app accessible for people with a range of sight, mobility, hearing, and cognitive needs.    

Banking you can see

With scalable fonts and rich colour contrast, the new Scotia app makes everyday banking easy to see.

Banking you can hear

With sound and haptics layered into the experience and full screen reader integration, you’ll never have to wonder if that bill payment went through.

Banking you can touch

Everyday banking is within your reach, even if you only have one hand to grab it. The new Scotia app is laid out so you’re able to easily access and navigate content.

Banking you can understand

With a searchable Help Centre written in clear language, the new Scotia app makes everyday banking easy to understand.