Katie: Let’s get to know each other and start with some rapid fire questions. What would you be famous for?

Sid: A life-changing idea or my mixtape.

Katie: What kind of life-changing idea?

Sid: Definitely something that involves technology; it is the main reason I wanted to study engineering and work in technology. Seeing how the world is changing and how tech is completely creating that change is incredible! I have a notebook filled with ideas – some including flying hover boards; some are a bit more practical though [laughs].

Katie: Texts or phone calls?

Sid: Texting for sure! Unless it is an emergency, it is much easier to text for me.

Katie: Describe yourself in three words.

Sid: Three words that describe me are ambitious, quirky, and honest.

Katie: What are some items you can’t live without?

Sid: By far, a pair of headphones, a laptop, any t-shirt, and chips! Music is everything to me, it helps me concentrate, and my laptop is my best buddy both for learning and work. Working also makes me hungry and chips are always my go to snack.

Katie: So, why digital?

Sid: I wanted to work with Data science and AI at Scotiabank because they are rapidly changing how banking is changing in this digital era. As they say software is eating the world and AI is eating the software, every company at this point, wants to get ahead and avoid being disrupted or left behind. I want to be involved in the centre of the change and help drive it!

Katie: Did you always want to be in the digital space?

Sid: Well… when I was five years old I wanted to be an astronaut, then I wanted to be a soccer player, but that didn’t turn out [Laughs]. It was around grade nine when I came across a programming course and I got to see its power to innovate and create! That’s when I decided I wanted to be in the tech industry. When you ask anyone what is changing in the world - it most likely has to do with technology.

Katie: What initially drove you to Scotiabank?

Sid: I decided to apply because Scotiabank was always at every single Hackathon or workshop that I attended. I eventually got the opportunity to interview - and during the interview - I was able to learn more about the ways Scotiabank uses technology and the different types of projects that take place.

Katie: What has been your highlight working at Scotiabank thus far?

Sid: The biggest achievement any developer could have is seeing the products you have made or helped with be used by end users in a way that it contributes to that company’s success in whichever small way. I’ve been able to see that with the Fraud Detection Model that my team created during my internship here! I did not expect to be able to make such an impact during my internship. This is why I love Scotiabank – I get to work in interesting projects that are extremely useful to the company.

Katie: Describe your experience in three words.

Sid: Rewarding, insightful, and ambitious.

Katie: What is a word of advice you might want to share with an incoming co-op student?

Sid: The first advice (which many people also gave me) is the importance of networking! No matter how long you work in a company for, you should always make sure to find time to network and expand your connections. I highly recommend talking to people in various teams.

I would also say to not feel discouraged by being an intern/co-op; don’t think that you are any less than anyone else. People at Scotiabank really value your ideas and your knowledge.

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