Interview written and conducted by Julie Cripps, Program Manager Enterprise Talent Marketing and Sonia Glushkovsky Manager, Social Impact

At Scotiabank, investing in our communities has been a focus for over 185 years and we know that long-term and social economic prosperity in our communities depends on our future generations. We believe, with the right support, young people can realize their infinite potential and unlock a successful future that benefits them, their family and their entire community.

Our employees live and work in our communities and are ambassadors for Scotiabank. Scotiabank gives groups of employees the chance to raise funds for charity that is important to them and their communities. The team’s charitable fundraising dollars may qualify for a corporate match to benefit the supported organization. 

We sat down with Rachel, an Inside Area Sales Manager in Automotive Finance who regularly takes this opportunity to make a positive difference in her community since joining the bank in 2009.

Sonia: Can you describe what made you want to give back to your community and how you got involved as a Scotiabank employee? 

Rachel:  It goes back to when I was on the board of the Atlantic Scotiabank Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG). The group is one of many ERGs at Scotiabank that focused on amplifying diversity and gave me the opportunity to work with LGBT+ non-profit organizations. The program helped us build strong relationships with community organizations and it was always very fulfilling to hear attendees of fundraising events thank us for our support and share that they were Scotiabank customers in certain instances. It made me proud to be a Scotiabanker, because our customers knew that the causes that mattered to them also mattered to us.

Sonia: That’s so nice to hear. Can you tell us about your most recent initiative?

Rachel: Yes! Recently, a local business in Winnipeg mentioned that they were running a fundraiser in support of Saint Amant, an organization that supports Manitobans with developmental disabilities. We thought this was a great opportunity to collaborate with a true partner both in business and within our community. Our mission for this event was to raise awareness and funds to purchase an accessible bike for an individual with a mobility disability. Our team’s charitable fundraising dollars qualified for a corporate match to benefit the organization and allowed us to raise enough money to do just that! 

Sonia: Sounds like this is a great opportunity to collaborate within the community and the organization, but also a great way for the whole team to get involved!

Rachel: Our team was so excited to be involved with this initiative and many others! When it comes to community involvement, we often look for opportunities where we can participate in along with our local branch. It empowers us to make an impact with our customers and strengthen our relationships in the community. This event was a terrific way to spend quality time with the other staff and work together towards a common goal that was important to both teams.

Sonia: So, why is this cause important to you?

Rachel: Any cause that’s important to my customers is important to me, and I try to support as many organizations as possible. I’m a big believer in setting common goals, and crossing the finish line together as a team.

Sonia: Lastly, what’s your favorite thing about working at Scotiabank?

Rachel: I love the sense of community that Scotiabank offers. It’s very easy to make verbal commitments, but working for an organization that enables us to action those commitments and build relationships within our community is extremely rewarding.

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