Interview conducted by Katie Dutton, Campus Recruiter – Global Campus Recruitment

Katie: Let’s get to know each other and start with some rapid-fire questions. What would you be famous for?

Kunj: [Laughing] Eating butter chicken.

Faiza: Dancing!

Katie: Texts or phone calls?

Faiza and Kunj (at the same time): Texting!

Katie: Describe yourself in three words.

Kunj: Persistent, basketball – anything to do with basketball – and social.

Faiza: Friendly, hard worker, adventurous.

Katie: Describe your experience in three words.

Kunj: Analysis, solutions, relationships – we are bankers!

Faiza: Fun, analysis (I have to steal that one!), leadership.

Kunj: You definitely get a lot of exposure to leadership – I also want to add that!

Katie: Time to get into the real questions! Why Commercial?

Kunj: I love the mix between analytical work and relationship management; I like how the Relationship Manager role has an entrepreneurial feel. When working in Commercial Banking, you get to manage your own portfolio; it feels like your own business. It is up to you to grow the business by bringing in sales and delivering for your customers. Since the role focuses on sales, there are very clear targets you are trying to meet and succeed. I like having specific measurable targets to showcase my abilities and I like growing Scotiabank’s bottom line.

Faiza: My goal is to help businesses finance their needs to be successful. I am also a very social and friendly person - I really like working with people - and in Commercial Banking, I get to meet clients and bring business to the Bank. It is the perfect job for me as it aligns with my interests and my personality!

Katie: Great answers from you both! It seems like you really enjoy your jobs. Did you always want to work in Commercial Banking?

Kunj: My undergrad was in Kinesiology and I always thought I was going to pursue a career in a health related field. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to work at a clothing store that I realized I really enjoyed sales, which led me to joining an MBA program. Through my MBA, I was able to secure a co-op position in Commercial Banking and I fell in love with it! It definitely isn’t where I started or thought I was going to end up, but I am so happy I did. 

Faiza: I actually didn’t know about Commercial Banking when I first started looking at jobs! I did know; however, that I was interested in credit and working with clients. I’ve been actively pursuing a career in it ever since.

Katie: So what initially attracted you to Scotiabank?

Kunj: Scotiabank provides fantastic mentorship opportunities, and throughout my co-op program, I’ve been able to connect with various leaders. Scotiabankers are great at putting you in touch with senior leaders and getting you that quality facetime. There is also great work-life balance, the culture is very team orientated, and everyone wants to help each other!

Faiza: When I first started networking with Scotiabankers – especially you Katie – I started to get interested! Everyone was friendly, informative and I knew I wanted to work here. I love Scotiabank. I have been at other organizations before, but this is the first time that I truly I love what I’m doing and I love the people I work with. I’ve had numerous jobs before and I have never felt like I really belonged. The atmosphere here is diverse; Scotiabank has a great culture, and is very inclusive. 

Katie: I am so glad to hear that and totally agree.

Since you're both in the Commercial Accelerate Program  – What is it like being a part of a cohort together?

Kunj: It’s great! You have a strong network to be able to tap into all across the country with such different experiences, backgrounds, and degrees. We even have a group chat where we bounce questions off each other and collaborate. It’s great to have friends you can connect with who are on the same page as you.

Faiza: As Kunj said, it’s so fantastic for networking opportunities; we are all so close and get along so well.

Katie: What has been your highlight in the Commercial Accelerate Program thus far?

Kunj: My highlight in this program has been every time I seal a deal and owning projects from start to finish. Even though it’s the last step, it’s reassurance that it’s been a success!

Faiza: For me it would be working with financial statements – I love it! Solving a problem and figuring out what the numbers are is definitely my favourite part.

Katie: What is a word of advice you might want to share with an incoming post-grad student?

Kunj: You have a lot of opportunity to talk to people and stick your head into different areas of the Bank. Everyone is really willing to help you out, so ask questions! Be curious! Try to take advantage of every opportunity. It is a very unique situation that you may not have again.

Faiza: I would absolutely say the same! Don’t be shy – ask the questions (but not the same one too many times!). Work hard - if you work hard and people notice, they will give you more work which is great because that’s how you learn and how you gain their trust.

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