Written by Anne Orr, Former Campus Talent Attraction Lead - Enterprise Functions and Strategy

Charlotte Mawer is working with us as a Credit Analyst at Roynat Capital and absolutely loves her experience. Curious to know what it’s like to work in Nova Scotia as part of Scotiabank for an internship? Keep reading!

Roynat Capital assists in providing different financing solutions to mid-market Canadian businesses including clients who are interested in growing/expanding their business, executing mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, restructuring debt and equity capital and arranging strategic partnerships.

Anne: So I’ve heard you’re an absolute rock-star from Katie, but tell me a bit more about yourself and how you landed the role at the Bank.

Charlotte: I’m a student at Saint Mary’s at the moment and I’m majoring in a Bachelor of Commerce degree. I was previously living in New Hampshire in the United States but decided that I should come back to Canada. I always knew that I wanted to be in business; I absolutely love finance and everything to do with numbers! I applied for the Credit Risk Analyst role that I am currently in - I just knew that I wanted to work in a role that was both client-facing and required lots of financial-based knowledge that I could put to use. So far my role has given me the opportunity to do both; I absolutely love my job and I am fortunate to have been presented with it. I really didn’t know much about Commercial Banking at the beginning, so this role has really provided me with an exponential learning curve in understanding this sector of the Bank!

Anne: That sounds great! What have you learned about Commercial Banking that you didn’t know before?

Charlotte: Honestly, so much! I would describe Commercial Banking to someone who didn’t know much about it as helping medium-sized businesses that you’d see on a day to day basis really take off the ground and grow. At Roynat, we have a lot of flexibility to provide specialized loans for a variety of opportunities and transactions (e.g. mergers and acquisitions). It is really exciting to work alongside many different businesses and individuals that are trying to grow in a broad spectrum of industries. Roynat has the ability to lend in unique markets (which is what I love about it!) that often time would otherwise have a difficult time getting financed with more traditional banks.

Anne: It sounds like you’ve been exposed to so much in the past few months.  What’s really stood out to you so far during your time here at the Bank?

Charlotte: I definitely think it will be helpful having worked in this role when I go back to school in the fall. I’ve learnt so much! A key experience that has stood out this work term for me would be watching a deal that I wrote go through. I was able to see the whole process for the deal from beginning to end. I have worked on other deals, but completing this one independently and seeing the final result was pretty special.

Anne: So how big is the team that you’ve been working with?

Charlotte: There are eight people including myself. I’ve been so lucky to have many opportunities to work on my own and to learn through having the trust and responsibility of my colleagues. I have learned to work on a specific program efficiently that no one in the office particularly enjoys. So anytime they need a report from the program for their client, they come to me because they know I am more than happy to do it, and it saves them a lot of headaches in the process!

Anne: As an intern, do you have your own clients or how does that work?

Charlotte: The Senior Associates have their own accounts / clients and I go where I am needed. I’ve worked primarily with one Senior Associate and we constantly are working on different deals. The deal-flow here is much higher than it might be on the corporate side, so I am touching new work and files all the time!

Anne: I know you are located in Nova Scotia and not in Toronto. What are some real advantages of being located in a more “remote” location?

Charlotte: Honestly, so many things are awesome about being here! Although it is harder to get a job here due to the high interest in the commercial division, it is an incredible opportunity once you get involved. I work closely with all levels of management here in the office, which gives me great exposure to really understand the business. I’m not just seen as another intern in the office, but rather, a member of the Roynat team.

Anne: How was your co-op placement different from what you initially expected?

Charlotte: To be honest, I thought it was going to be a lot of repetitive desk work but it’s been quite the opposite since day one. I am performing financial analysis on new and existing files daily, framing up reviews, and writing credit for industries that I am learning about for the first time. The people I work with have learned what my strong points are in the office and have helped me optimize these skills. Everyone in the office knows that I am always ready to work hard every time I get a new file!

Anne: So tell me… what are your thoughts on going back to school after your work term with us?

Charlotte: I’m not really looking forward to going back to school *Charlotte laughs*, but I have to say I am no longer intimidated by a finance course that I have to take in the fall because of what I’ve been exposed to this work term.

Anne: What is a word of advice you might want to share with an incoming co-op student about Commercial Banking or Scotiabank more widely?

Charlotte: Try it! If you don’t like it at least you’ve tried it! There are so many opportunities to move around the business lines at Scotiabank. They are flexible and want to help maximize your opportunity. I would definitely encourage people to reach out to people at Scotiabank whenever possible!

Anne: What will you miss most about Scotiabank?

Charlotte: I definitely will miss the fun and enjoyable work culture. There is strong comradery amongst everyone here in the office. To me, it doesn’t feel like work at all. The genuine energy and excitement I have going into work every day makes my co-workers laugh, but it just goes to show that I am working in the right place.

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