Meet Gaurav, a newcomer to Canada from India. Learn more about his journey at Scotiabank and how it has led him to his current role as Senior Manager, Testing and Quality Assurance within the Regulatory Risk Governance team that implements frameworks, policies and procedures that mitigate regulatory and compliance risks.

Current role and early days at Scotiabank

“In my current role based out of Canada, I support the Regulatory Risk Governance team overseeing the testing and quality assurance for Global Finance. My journey at Scotiabank actually started back home in India in 2018 where I was working for Scotiabank Asia Pacific Finance, working with all the finance teams within Asia Pacific across eight different geographies. My interactions with the Regulatory Risk governance team at the time gave me great insights to the organization and a true feeling of belonging to the Scotiabank family. Seeking new professional opportunities abroad, I had started my immigration process to Canada and once I obtained my permanent residency in 2022, I moved to Toronto and continued my work at Scotiabank.”

The Scotiabank community

“I made this move to Canada on my own, but my colleagues guided me to settle down in Canada, I did not feel pressured to fit in quickly, but rather felt understood since this was an adaptation process to my new role in Canada. It is not easy to leave everything behind and come alone to a new country that feels like a new world, right? The support you get from team members and leaders is what defines the culture here. You don’t feel alone, you are backed by great thinking and have access to many resources.”

Adapting to Canada

“My biggest challenge was the Canadian work culture. But it was a nice surprise, and it was a positive challenge. I feel like the working hours in India are long and realizing that work is not everything like in Asia Pacific (APAC) is something I did not understand. Before, work was a big portion of my life, it is what defines you as a person and that is totally OK there. But over here, I realize that work is just one part of your life, and the rest is your identity; whether you read books, watch movies, play football… anything! This has been a very positive change for me, and it took me some time to allow myself to have other things and realize that it helps you to concentrate more, it helps you to feel more satisfied with yourself and your life. This cultural change is something I am still getting used to, but it feels easier to accept when you have managers that actually encourage it.”

Newcomer to Canada achievement

“My main achievement has been learning about myself as a person. On the professional side, I have received some amazing advice from my leaders regarding pursuing the CPA in Canada as I am a Chartered Accountant in India. The guidance and advice I have received within my professional career has led me to my recent promotion to Senior Manager only a year after starting my career in Canada. I am very proud of that recognition and vote of trust and thankful for that support.” 

Advice for future employees

“My advice for future employees who are new to Canada is to be open to all the possibilities. Don't come with any preconceived notion that it will be hard, or it will be tough. Just come with an open mind and take things as they happen, be genuine with yourself and people will guide you.” 

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