Commercial Banking is a significantly enriched and attractive business segment of Scotiabank. The area is formed of a broad group of diverse, ethical, and skilled professionals with a wide range of talents that work together to accomplish projected goals. In addition, Scotiabank and its culture promote stability and support for its employees, making everyone feel in a pleasant and safe environment.

Within the area, the Client Relationship Manager role involves being a part of a broad team of specialists dedicated to providing complete solutions to help customers grow their companies. Furthermore, it implies the development of strong connections with key industries such as health, energy, forestry, mining, transportation, logistics, construction, and more. As a result, being continually engaged and associated with a variety of clients and sectors leads to the development of competencies that provide updating, learning, professional skill strengthening, and continuous growth.

Being a member of Scotiabank entails not only working for a solid and global company, but also working in an atmosphere that values recognition, empowerment, flexibility, and the ability to engage, negotiate and interact with unified and visionary teams.

Learn more about Mario's career path as a Client Relationship Manager!

Nathalia: Hi, Mario! I am Interested in learning more about your career path as a Client Relationship Manager. What motivated you to apply for this position at Scotiabank?

I began my career with Scotiabank as a Small Business Advisor and stayed for a year. I quickly discovered that I was passionate about creating relationships in the business community. I frequently dealt directly with the commercial team and was impressed by their dedication to developing meaningful, long-term relationships with their clients. When a position for a local Commercial Relationship Manager became available, I had no alternative but to apply. Today, I've been in the position for about 4 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. I'd suggest this position because of the professional environment, focus on clients, team atmosphere, and available assistance.

Nathalia: How was the experience when you first started working as a Client Relationship Manager?

As with any new role, there was undoubtedly an adjustment period. This specific role may be complex because we collaborate with several divisions within the bank; nevertheless, with the support of my colleagues and leaders, I was able to learn quickly and gain confidence as the weeks passed. My transition into this new position was made easier by effective communication, support, and strong leadership. My commercial team has truly become a second family to me.

Nathalia: Tell us about your daily responsibilities and the routine that a Client Relationship Manager follows.

In commercial banking, no two days are the same! Our portfolios contain diverse businesses, which I find inspiring. We meet with company owners and their staff daily to create relationships and help them succeed. We also maintain consistent prospecting efforts and steady contact with our centres of influence in the business community with the aim to onboard new clients and help expand our networks. Finally, we collaborate closely with our team, particularly the Client Service Associate group, to ensure that our portfolio is compliant to reduce total risk. Because of this variety of commercial operations, my day-to-day activity is both challenging and rewarding.

Nathalia:  What specific and highly valued advantages does the role provide?

As our clients' initial point of contact, we have the opportunity to get engaged in all of their banking needs. I've been exposed to various segments of the bank since joining the commercial team, which has helped me become a better overall banker. I also appreciate the opportunity that this profession provides me to grow my network. Since starting at the bank, I've met several business owners and centres of influence, and I've had the opportunity to attend a wide range of business events. These sorts of activities are both professionally and personally rewarding for me. Another component of my position that I enjoy is the opportunity to build deep and long-lasting relationships with our clients. This is only possible because we limit the number of clients in each portfolio, allowing us to develop deeper connections with our customers. This is something that is extremely significant to me, and this position offers the ability to do so.

Nathalia: What inspires you at work?

What really drives me daily is the ability to learn and grow as a Relationship Manager constantly. I've had the opportunity to learn a lot since embarking on this position, which has been quite gratifying. As previously stated, our commercial portfolios contain a wide range of enterprises, resulting in no two days being the same. Furthermore, all Relationship Managers may take great satisfaction in assisting our clients and enabling them to succeed. All of this motivates me to go above and beyond every day.

Nathalia: How would you define Scotiabank's culture and your team?

Our commercial team's work environment and culture are different from any other. What makes it so unique? I'd have to say everyone on my team's positive attitude and actions. We're a committed group working toward a common goal. We have each other's backs and wonderful leadership to help us along the way. Furthermore, Scotiabank truly supports its employees by offering several advantages and a favourable work-life balance.

Nathalia: Mario, thanks for sharing your inspiring and motivating experience!

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