Our Digital Banking team questions everything about how we bank today to come up with the right solutions for our customers tomorrow—all around the world. We believe that holistic thinking is the best way to solve problems, so we build teams across five communities of practice — Analytics, Design, Digital Marketing, Digital Product, and Engineering— to deliver best-in-class digital solutions to our customers.

We’re always looking to add top talent to each of these teams, and we wanted to share what our hiring process looks like with you! We chatted with Aleks and Lien, a few members of the talent acquisition team who are responsible for bringing in talented humans to join Digital Banking at Scotia! We asked them the type of skills and experience they look for, what to expect from the interview process, and any tips when applying and interviewing.

Can you tell us about what you do here at Scotia?

Aleks: I’m a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist and focus on recruitment for the Engineering community of practice at the Digital Factory. I have been working with Toronto’s tech community for over 3 years and am passionate about bringing the best talent to the digital banking unit!

Lien: I’m a Talent Sourcing Consultant for Digital Banking where I focus on hard to fill roles in Engineering, Marketing, Product, Analytics, and Design. On a typical day, you can find me creating sourcing strategies, identifying top talent, building pipelines, tracking metrics, nurturing a healthy professional network, and constantly surveying the labour market to stay on top of evolving trends.

Q: Where are you looking for talent?

Aleks: In addition to receiving applications through our career site, we’re always looking for talent to add to our team on social platforms such as LinkedIn. Even though networking may look a little different these days, we are still “out there”. Lately, it seems like there are more online seminars and conferences than ever! This is a great opportunity to meet others, you never know who you are going to meet.

Q: What are some of the main skills you look for?

Lien: While we don’t believe in finding others who “fit” into our existing culture. Instead, we want someone who adds or complements the values we have at Scotiabank. Those core values are respect, integrity, passion, and accountability. Through networking and the interview process, we like getting a sense of how you work cross-functionally, how you collaborate, and how you would contribute to building a culture of excellence here with us.

Aleks: As we look for those who complement and add value to our culture, we also look for a few skills that will help you succeed in any role.

  • Agile mindset - We’re passionate about learning and encourage knowledge sharing in order to continue innovating digital banking to serve our customers. With that said, we are not stagnant, we are always changing, growing, and adapting. Therefore, it’s important to illustrate your experience (through specific examples), how you maintain an agile mindset in transformative, evolving environments.
  • Eagerness to learn - Our employees have access to multiple learning resources: from internal Scotiabank courses, LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight, plus an annual personal learning budget! These perks can be used to enhance performance in your current role and can help pave a path for your future career. With the world of technology constantly changing, it’s more important than ever to stay current on skills.
  • Collaborative mindset - We have a highly collaborative environment and culture. The beauty and source of strength of digital banking lie in our ability to mix and mingle areas of expertise in order to drive change and creativity. We find that when we only group like-minded individuals and skillsets it actually prevents us from pushing the boundaries of innovation and bridging together different modes of thinking and experience.

Julie: What are some tips you have for candidates who are applying for a job?

Lien: The job application and resume are very important steps in the hiring process. Even though it may seem like a simple step, some valuable items are often missed! Be sure to include keywords relevant to your field, check for spelling and grammar, tell us about the accomplishments you’re most proud of, what you value professionally, and try in your own way to show your personality through your writing. It’s also very important to keep your resume and online profiles up to date! Our ability to assess your skills and experience come directly through what you share in your public profiles.

Aleks: Make sure to focus on your accomplishments! We understand that focusing on job requirements and responsibilities are important, but it’s also important to focus on the accomplishments you had during that job. It should include projects that you’re most proud of, things that you were recognized for doing, and key initiatives you were part of. They should be highlighted and capture the overall impact that you drove during your time at the organization or on the project.

Julie: How can candidates best prepare for the interview process?

Lien: During an interview, virtual or in person, it’s important for you to be yourself and feel comfortable! The digital banking team at Scotia works in a very collaborative environment and we want your personality to shine through. Currently, our interview process is completely virtual, so assessing your ability to collaborate remotely is important!

  • Ask questions - Have some thoughtful questions ready to ask the interviewers about things that matter to you. It shows you’ve prepared and that you’re genuinely interested in working with us! This helps us understand what you value in an employer and can help you stand out as it shows the level of interest and curiosity you have in the role and in Scotia.
  • Research, research, research - Check out our social media accounts, blogs, and news articles to learn about the latest solutions we’ve delivered! If this your first time exploring this space, read up on digital transformation and human-centered design.
  • Honesty is the only policy - If you’re unsure of what’s being asked of you, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. It’ll save a lot of time and confusion and, most importantly, you’ll know how to properly answer the questions asked. Don’t be shy!
  • Be on time - We know this may be a no-brainer, but time is a precious commodity to all of us, and we respect yours. Test your online capabilities before logging into the interview.

Julie: What should a candidate expect from the interview process?

Aleks: The talent acquisition team at Scotia adapted quickly and transitioned to a completely virtual interview process. Depending on what role you’re being considered for, your interview process can look something like this.

  • Initial phone interview - You will have an initial phone interview with a member of the recruitment team to focus on a high-level overview of your professional experience as it relates to the role you’re interviewing for. While we know you may have technical questions at this time, this interview is primarily for us to recognize your motivations and provide you with an opportunity to understand the role from an organizational point of view.
  • Phone interview with the hiring manager - This is your opportunity to dive deeper. You’ll start to learn about the team’s mission, the role they’re hiring for, and the projects you may work on. This is your opportunity to start asking those technical questions that have been on your mind. This is also a chance for us to better understand your subject matter expertise.
  • Virtual interview - This interview involves a few different virtual sessions, all evaluating for different things, including technical and culture assessment. We use this opportunity to focus on your abilities and how you will add value to the specific team you’d be working on. Some of those skills include (but aren’t limited to), your ability to: think strategically, build strategic relationships, be curious, be collaborative, and the list goes on! You could be presented with technical questions or scenarios based on real challenges that the team would face. You may even participate in a virtual whiteboard session!
  • Final touch base - This final touch base with the hiring manager is focused on answering any remaining questions you might have regarding the role, as well as provide you with a better understanding as to what future opportunities you could be considered for within the organization or on the team.

Julie: Are you hiring?

Aleks & Lien: We’re always looking for influencers, makers, and leaders who are ready to roll up their sleeves and collaborate with us! To check out our open roles, please visit here! 

Hopefully, this has given you a glimpse into what #LifeatScotiabank is like within our digital banking team and how best to join our team. We look forward to meeting you!