ScotiaCard for business

Right for you if:

  • Own or manage a Small Business
  • Want to empower employees, while maintaining control of financial transactions

Top benefits of the ScotiaCard for business

  • Maintain control of your accounts while empowering your employees and trusted service providers, with customized access levels.
  • Allow your employees to conduct financial transactions on your behalf, to free up your time to focus on other important aspects of your business.
  • Select from a range of card access profiles that's right for your business.
    -  Full Access
    -  View Only
    -  Limited Transactions
  • Set up Scotia® InfoAlerts, to stay informed and in control of your finances


Conduct your banking through the channels that best suit you including, online banking, mobile banking and more.

Channel services

  Branch Customer Contact Center   
OnLine Mobile ABM Interac Debit
Replace Card

Profile Change

Manage Delegate Card

Account Inquiry


Bill Payment


Interac e-Transfer    

Cheque Order
Cheque Re-order

Drafts, Certified Cheques


It's your choice

You can pick one or use a combination of these service options to manage your day-to-day banking, stay in control of your borrowing, and monitor your investments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from wherever you happen to be.


Use your ScotiaCard® for business to get cash at any of the 44,000 machines displaying the Interac logo in Canada and at over 1 million ABMs in 50 countries worldwide displaying the Visa or PLUS symbol.

Global ABM Alliance

Avoid paying surcharges or international access fees on your account from over 44,000 cash machines in over 40 countries including Bank of America and Barclay's. Use your ScotiaCard® for business and the standard ABM Access Fee will be waived.

Interac Debit

With your ScotiaCard® for business and PIN, you can pay for your goods and services directly from your selected bank account - and there's no additional fee for using Interac Debit machines from other financial institutions. 

Cross Border Debit

When travelling in the United States, get immediate, secure, and real-time access to your money by using your ScotiaCard® for business to pay for purchases at point-of-sale terminals, just like you do in Canada.

Scotia OnLine®

Scotia OnLine® Financial Services gives you total control of your money so you can bank on your time. It's easy, convenient, and included in your account plan. All you need is an Internet Browser and a ScotiaCard® for business.

Scotiabank® Mobile Banking

Scotiabank Mobile Banking puts your important, real-time banking details right in your hand – wherever you are – letting you manage, move and monitor your money right from your phone.

Interac e-Transfer

Scotia OnLine® Financial Services customers can send money to, and receive money from anyone with a Canadian bank account, quickly and securely! To send money to someone, all you need to know is their email address.


(1-800-472-6842) Getting information is faster than ever with Scotiabank's telephone service. 1-800-4SCOTIA has five simple options, with an option that lets you Speak Up and tell us what you're looking for. You can report a lost or stolen ScotiaCard® for business, request a new card or bank by telephone.

Paperless Recordkeeping

Access up to 18 months of transaction history with Paperless Recordkeeping from Scotia OnLine® Financial Services. Simply choose Paperless Recordkeeping and put a stop to your statements and passbooks for most of your day-to-day bank accounts.


Interac†  and Visa* Zero Liability Policy

The Interac and Visa Zero Liability policies protect you when using your ScotiaCard. You will not be liable for losses resulting from unauthorized transactions. Refer to the ScotiaCard® Cardholder Agreement Liability section for more details.

Protect Your PIN

While Scotiabank takes strong measures to ensure the security of your financial transactions, you play the most important role. By understanding how to properly select a PIN and passwords for your ScotiaCard and the importance of keeping it confidential, you can help keep your money safe.

Protect Your PIN Brochure (984 kb)

How to Protect Your PIN & Passwords

  • Select a PIN and Password that you can remember. Do not select numerical sequences such as “1234”, your birth date, telephone number, license plate, address or other easy to guess combinations.
  • Memorize your PIN and passwords. Do not write them down or tell anyone what they are.
  • Contact Scotiabank immediately if you suspect your ScotiaCard and or PIN have been compromised or you lose your ScotiaCard.

Chip Card Technology

Your ScotiaCard has an embedded computer chip that provides increased protection against lost, stolen or counterfeit card fraud. Chip cards are a proven technology that is in use around the world. When using your chip card to make a purchase:

  1. Insert your chip card into the chip terminal. Your chip card will remain in the terminal for the duration of the transaction.
  2. Follow the prompts and enter your secure PIN when requested.
  3. Remove your chip card when the terminal indicates the transaction is complete.


You can get a new or replacement ScotiaCard or change your PIN at any Scotiabank branch in Canada. Your ScotiaCard or Visa PIN can also be changed at a Scotiabank ABM.


Financial control, with more flexibility

ScotiaCard for business debit card

Financial control, with more flexibility

ScotiaCard for business debit card

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