Increasing Profits


Boost Profits

Keeping Loonies Local™: 5 Ways Your Small Business Can Encourage Customers to Shop Local

New research from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) shows that shopping at local independent businesses has a much bigger impact in communities across the country than shopping at big multinationals.

What’s your break-even point?

Your break-even point is the number of units you have to sell to offset expenses and begin making a profit.

How and where to save money

If it’s been more than a year since you’ve reviewed your business plan, it’s likely time for an update. After all, a lot can change in a year. A new competitor may have emerged, your solo venture might be ready for a new hire or you may want to take advantage of a growth opportunity.

Effective debt collection strategies

What is the cost of unpaid accounts? Unpaid or delayed receivables may require a business to borrow money and incur interest expense. Running out of money completely can shut down the business. There’s also the stress associated with chasing payments as well as juggling your own payables.

Improve your pricing accuracy

Pricing is an essential decision for business success. Price too high and you risk losing sales to your competitors. Price too low and profitability may suffer. For an established business seeking growth, a regular pricing review can help to determine the right balance.

How to monitor your business performance

You don’t need to be a math wizard to understand which numbers can tell you how well or how poorly your business is doing.

Do you know which of your customers are the most profitable? Are they repeat customers who buy often, but spend less per purchase? 

Do you know which of your customers are the most profitable? Are they repeat customers who buy often, but spend less per purchase? Or are they customers who purchase less regularly, but buy high-margin items?

How to deal with unpaid invoices

Bad debts are a part of business life. But a large unpaid invoice can cause your small business serious harm; in some cases, it can mean the difference between staying afloat and closing your doors.


Boost Capacity

Cloud Accounting 101

Cloud accounting software is the perfect solution to small business bookkeeping.

5 Benefits of Using QuickBooks Online to Run Your Small Business

Starting a new business? Scotiabank and QuickBooks have teamed up to offer you a discount on an industry-leading software.

Buying a business to grow your business

Striving for growth doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a multi-national corporation. Your growth plan may simply be a strategy for staying profitable for as long as you want to run your business.

4 ways to grow your business

Growing a successful business is not only about winning new customers. It's also about improving what you offer to your current customers. Here are four key ways to grow your business.

How to boost your capacity

Speed up production or improve your systems and processes to build capacity.

How to form strategic alliances

Teaming up with another company to pursue common goals is a smart way to grow your company. After all, two heads are better than one.

Research and development to build your business

Spending time and money on research and development is not reserved solely for big businesses. A business of any size can benefit from it and give you an edge to satisfy the constantly changing preferences of today’s demanding consumers and businesses.

The pros and cons of partnerships

Partnerships have helped establish successful businesses, but they can just as easily go the other way. Partnership decisions must be made with great care.


Expand Offering

How to convert trial users into customers on your website

While free or discounted online trials are a great way to attract new customers, they don’t always succeed in converting samplers into buyers.

5 ways to spot new opportunities

Adding something new to your existing product or service offering can significantly increase your business revenue.

Market research tips for busy business owners

Market research doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming. There are plenty of ways to conduct good research without breaking the bank.

Pull in prospects using irresistible content

Interesting and relevant content will draw visitors to your website where you can convert them into prospects.

Using customer segmentation to identify your target customers

If you're starting up a new business, breaking your market into customer segments will give you a sense of the different groups of customers you can target.