Raising Finance


Create Forecasts

Can your new business pay you a salary?

3 ways to measure the impact of your salary on your new business.

Cash flow is king

The survival of any business depends on cash. Even if your business makes a healthy profit at the end of the year, you still need to manage the inflow and outflow of cash to survive on a day-to-day basis.

Get through lean times by creating a cash cushion for your business

Some call it emergency funds, while others call it savings. Whatever the label, setting aside enough money to fund your business and personal expenses for a few months is a good idea to help survive some rainy economic days. 

6 steps to better cash flow

Improving your cash flow is critical to your overall success.

The power of cash flow forecasts

Get to know this essential tool to manage your cash flow.

Where start-ups spend their money

Be prepared for the expense and know exactly what everything will cost.


Finance Growth

Protect the business you’ve worked hard to build

No matter where you may be on your journey to build your business – just starting out, expanding or preparing to pass on the responsibility to someone else – a financial plan that includes business loan protection insurance may help safeguard your business if life takes an unexpected turn.

What is a real estate secured line of credit and how can it work for your business?

Turn the equity in your property into an asset. Here are some tips on how a secured line of credit could work for your business.

Can your business benefit from factoring?

Factoring, also known as receivables financing, is one way business owners can quickly access cash.

Creative ways to finance your service business

The money you need to fund expansion may be right under your nose. With a little curiosity, creativity, and tenacity, you just might find the money you need, both inside and outside of your business.

Grants and subsidies to grow your business

Canada is a nation that supports its small businesses, offering numerous government programs, incentives, subsidies, and grants worth billions of dollars.

How your accountant can help you get a business loan

As one of your trusted advisors, your accountant can be a tremendous asset to the process of applying for bank financing.

Improve your cash flow

The end of the year is a great time to take stock of your accomplishments and set targets for the future. Including an annual business check-up as part of this evaluation can help you find efficiencies that may provide you with extra time and improved cash flow.