Planning for Succession

Using advisors to plan your exit strategy

Advisors are a valuable asset when planning to leave your business.

Saving for retirement as a business owner

Create a plan for the retirement you deserve.

5 successful succession planning secrets

Consider these tips to help you prepare for a smooth transition.

Why you need a business succession plan

Start planning today for a successful transition.


Selling Your Business

Boost your business value quickly

Ideas on how you can create value over time

Buyer’s market: who will buy your business?

Getting a jump on plans to sell your business may mean the difference between reaching a comfortable retirement and having to come up with an alternative plan, like working a while longer.

Getting the best price for your business

Your business is worth what the highest bidder thinks it’s worth, unless you can convince them otherwise

Negotiating with a business buyer

Negotiating a deal to sell your business is exciting. Naturally, it can also be stressful.

Sell your business to family or strangers?

To make that process easier and more lucrative, you need a proper plan in place.