Cheque deposit

Take a picture of your cheque to deposit it

Is it right for me?

It’s ideal if you want a quick and easy way to deposit cheques.

Tell me about it

Skip the branch or ABM. Just use your device to take a picture of your cheque and deposit the money into your chequing or savings account.

  • No fees to make deposits
  • Deposit cheques up to $99,999.99
  • Conveniently deposit your cheques whenever you want

Where do I start?


Download the Scotiabank app


All customers with a retail or small business account can use Mobile Deposit. In fact, you can make a deposit into a Scotiabank chequing account, savings account, or small business account as long as:

  • Your chequing or savings account is in good standing
  • You’re entitled to make deposits into the chequing or savings account
  • You have mobile access to the account

In addition, you must have a device that supports Mobile Deposit and have the latest Mobile Banking app downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.

Yes, with firewalls, passwords, 128-bit encryption and other security features, your privacy is protected from login to logout. Plus, with Scotiabank’s Mobile Security Guarantee you are protected from unauthorized transactions and will be fully reimbursed in the event of a security breach provided you have met your security responsibilities.

In addition, Mobile Deposit cheque images are never stored on your smartphone.

Access to your funds is the same as if you had completed the cheque deposit at an ABM. The amount of your deposit will be reflected in your account immediately, however, availability of funds is subject to our Cheque Hold Policy. The funds will be held for 5 business days. If you have a cashback limit you can access funds prior to the 5 day hold.

Cash Back Service
You can avoid holds by subscribing to our Cash Back service. Cash Back enables you to deposit funds at any Scotiabank ABM or through the Mobile Banking app and withdraw up to a preauthorized amount of $200 - $2000 against that deposit. In addition, a Scotiabank Credit Card or Line of Credit can be set up for access on your ScotiaCard, which will provide you with an automatic Cash Back amount of $1000 - 2000.


If you require immediate access to your funds, please contact your home Scotiabank branch directly to apply for our Cash Back service.

Once you’ve received confirmation that your cheque has been accepted, write “Deposited” on the front of the cheque. Keep the cheque for five business days and destroy it within 120 days.

No, Mobile Deposit is provided to our customers free of charge including Small Business customers.

Make sure that you’re using the latest version of our Mobile Banking app and your mobile device is updated with the latest operating system. If you have the latest Mobile Banking app and you still don’t see it then you may have a device that doesn’t support Mobile Deposit yet.

Auto capture is an easier way to take a picture of your cheque. Instead of pressing the shutter button yourself, auto capture will take the best picture of the cheque for you.

Just follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Canadian and U.S. dollar cheques
  • Money orders and bank drafts
  • Traveler’s cheques
  • Certified cheques

You can only deposit U.S. currency into a U.S. dollar account. If you want to deposit a U.S. cheque – or a cheque of any other currency into your Canadian dollar account – you need to visit your branch.

You can only deposit cheques that are payable to you or your business.

If your deposit isn’t accepted it may be for one of these reasons.


The cheque has already been deposited

If you receive a message saying that the cheque is a duplicate it means that cheque has already been deposited. Check with your spouse, partner or other member of your household to see if someone else has made the deposit.


The amount of the cheque cannot be determined

Sometimes the handwriting is illegible, or the written value of the cheque doesn’t match the numerical value. In either case, the cheque won’t be accepted. Ensure that the cheque amounts match and if it cannot be processed visit your nearest branch to complete the deposit.


There’s a problem with the serial number

If the serial number at the bottom of the cheque is unreadable, or if the cheque is not in Canadian or U.S. dollars, then your deposit may not be accepted.


If you do have trouble depositing your cheque for any reason, please visit your branch to deposit your cheque in person.

Please call our Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-882-3844 for further Mobile Deposit Application Support.