Empowering women to be successful, on their terms.

The Scotiabank Women Initiative™ breaks down barriers to increase economic and professional opportunities for women to be successful now, and in the future.

Unbiased access to capital and tailored solutions 

Providing equal access to capital and tailored solutions for women-owned and led businesses and ESG-focused services.

Bespoke specialized education

We offer resources, tools, and workshops to advance women's careers and elevate skills, financial confidence, and technical expertise.

Holistic advisory services and mentorship

We provide inclusive, women-centric advisory services and mentorship that connect women with peers, tailored development opportunities, and expert mentors.

Success for all women

From advancing diversity and inclusion to structuring capital for your organization to managing your investments, The Scotiabank Women Initiative is designed to break down barriers and help women pursue their best professional and financial futures. 

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Each step taken with The Scotiabank Women Initiative opens a door.


Fireside chat with Rebecca Minkoff

Hear how Rebecca grew her one-person operation into a multi-million dollar global brand by facing challenges fearlessly. 

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